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    Have some fun with the truth! Make my day..

    This is all so true, bang on, but all the same very funny todays NEWS. its getting better!
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    Do you Believe or know, there is life after we leave this world ?

    Is there any proof or evidence of it ? I say there is, but thats only my view of course!
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    Why is it we cannot put links , or can we ?

    Picture, film, and other supporting material, as they say paints a 1000 words! Or can we post, but I don't know how!! ?
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    Truth is as rare as dimonds on a beach! Hello

    Hello; and now, I have no freinds. And I walk a lonely road through life. I had a stroke, and much more about 3 months ago, so I find it very hard to now spell/talk and communicate with others. everything that was important in this world to me has now gone.