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    Am I… wrong?

    Not as blended as you would think my family was the poor family so her husband's kids hated coming to visit. Never thought about it, never crossed my mind.
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    Am I… wrong?

    Sadly you are not in my mother's situation. My mother never got married and had me and my sisters. Then she met a male who was divorced and had 3 kids of his own. If you were in that situation I am sure that things would have worked out great. Alas my only suggestion is to straight up tell...
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    Am I… wrong?

    I see so what your saying is the father couldn't possibly also want the child. I guess that I am not surprised most people think this way. Well luckily you are born in a time where society agrees that the male is just a sperm donor. So have the kid then run. There are plenty of organizations...
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    Are you Skeptical of the Afterlife?

    It was best said in an old show I really enjoy. I would kill myself now if I had to live another life.
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    Am I… wrong?

    I do think you are.. I guess wrong here. You seem to think that since your biology is designed to incubate the new human. If you truly feel this way then you should probably consider a sperm donation and just be a single mother. Well that or have the baby before you get married. Then the...
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    Heightism Vs Preference

    My friend who is short has told me that height is not something he cares about because most people are taller than him. I agree with that sentiment work with what you have not with what you want
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    A good deal for her?

    Well, hate to say it but, most males choose females like their mothers or sisters so that is something to think about. As for people not having kids. Females have the babies and females know that time off for being a new mother cuts into the bottom line of your career. So most opt to not do it...
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    A good deal for her?

    True, but as females pass the age of 35 it gets exponentially harder for them to get pregnant. Not impossible, but nearly impossible especially if she does not have any previous kids. Just how human biology works. Well getting married I get some tax breaks and if I have a house that I could...
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    A good deal for her?

    Nah that one is easy. I will tell them that is their fault since it is gross an immature for me to marry someone who could be young enough to be my daughter. Well I do not value my life and time all that much. I figure if I can fit my stuff into a basement apartment I should be fine...
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    A good deal for her?

    Yeah I know, I do not want to get married so I will keep to that path. Your answer is helpful I figured that US Citizenship would be the main way to get them. I just want to make sure that she sticks around once it is a official Basically I want her to be a roommate. We would just be...
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    A good deal for her?

    I do not want to get married, I really just want to be alone. This is just planning on my part, best to have a plan in place. I am also expecting to get divorcied as well. I was just trying to figure out if there was a way to lower that risk.
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    A good deal for her?

    So my mom and sisters are on another "When are you going to get married" streak. Sadly I am unable to reason with them. I tell them they know better than to expect a female to not be repulsed by me. Sadly as the years go on this gets worse and worse. I think my mom realizing that I am her...
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    I dare you to say hi to 100 people everyday.

    No I want to be alone. My challenge is not leaving my apartment for 5+ days if possible
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    I’m nearly 30, never had a boyfriend, life, job.. nothing.

    Life is not fair sadly not everyone gets their just desserts and that is a fact. So my advice is out of sight out of mind. I watched my friend obsess over his girlfriend after he impulsively broke up with her on my advice. Trust me she was toxic. The whole romance thing I do not care about...
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    So lonely and needing money I started onlyfans

    I am a very much a fan live and let live, but if I may part a few words of contemplation. First off the internet is forever. You would be surprised where you can find stuff. An office I worked for failed a special security audit because we forgot to change a setting on the copiers. So pictures...
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    One positive thing you accomplished today...

    Not really a today accomplishment, but according to the doctor I have lost 30 lbs since my last visit in November. Which means that I have reduced my body size by around 11% in six months
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    Avoiding people

    I do find it to be an intellectual challenge. However I just don't like dealing with people that is why I avoid them. Plus I know that I am doing them a favor by making sure they do jot have to see or hear me. Nothing is worse than gross people trying to interact with you.
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    Coming out about my sexual orentation at age 13

    I am of the opinion that who I want to have sex with is none of your business unless I am trying to have sex with you. However, I guess it is good that you are not lying anymore
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    Moving out and selfish parents

    I have a similar situation, but if I had to live with my parents my mom would be happy at least. She likes parenting, and she would love to have me or my sisters around to parent. She is always planning her visits months in advance. Though, here is a story I heard from a co-worker years ago...
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    Avoiding people

    Avoiding people is something that I do as well. I keep my distance unless I have a good reason not too. I do simple things, for instance if I am walking towards a door and someone is doing the same I will slow down. If I am grocery shopping and somoene is blocking my path I take a lap and try...