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  1. toxic-tears

    Unforgetable Moments In Your Life.

    if its ok for you to share your unforgetable experiences/moments in life, write it down in this thread. im sure a lot of us here have this most pleasant, outrageouse or silliness experiences that you could freely express. your experiences could be also a way in bringing smile to everyones...
  2. toxic-tears


    Its a reflection writing I did when I was in highschool. How to make A BEAUTIFUL LIFE Love yourself. MAKE PEACE with who you are And what you are At this moment of time. Listen to your heart. If you can't hear what it's saying In this noisy world, MAKE TIME for yourself. Enjoy your own...
  3. toxic-tears

    Let Out Your Anger!!!

    Anger comes in your life. Anger from the person you are angry with and anger to yourself. Name all the causes of your anger, write it here. Burst it out. What the heck! You control your words, you hold your emotions. You got the power of your temper. Grip it all out! Make it loud yet in...
  4. toxic-tears

    what was the last movie you saw?

    share to use the last movie that you saw... and discusse it.. will you recommend it to everyone or not?. i went to the movies last weekend. i watched juno.. i really recommend it to everyone. its about teen that became pregnant. she decided of instead of having abortion. she made a...
  5. toxic-tears

    what did you dreamt last night..

    tell us of what you dreamt last night... share your happy, scary, or what so ever story you have when your having your dream.. or even the images that you seen... all the things you remember while you were sleeping....
  6. toxic-tears

    Lets see your weirdest face..

    for the sake of all.. some friends cant post there picture in the other thread. thanks to my friend NeverMore, he gave me an idea. just post your weirdest, crazy picture here.. .. it'll be fun....
  7. toxic-tears


    have anyone here experience a love and first sight thing? do you believe in it? It sucks right!
  8. toxic-tears

    what is you new years resolution?

    i been making alot of new years resolution in my since grade school. i only got few resolutions that i really kept. like being a good girl, lose some weight( yet i gain it back again), etc.. What would be your new years reasolution?.
  9. toxic-tears

    who would you prefer to spend you life with?

    who would you prefer to spend your life with: (a) a rich, good looking person with a bad attitude or (b) a poor, ugly yet kind heart one?