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  1. lotsarocks


    I have no one to really discuss this with so I thought I might share here in case it resonates with anyone else. I understand generational trauma, and I try to be mindful about the traumatic events my parents have been through that have shaped them into the people they are today. They have a lot...
  2. lotsarocks

    Forum pen pal?

    Hello everyone. I am new here and looking for people to chat to on here. I am not fond of voice or video communication, so I apologize if that is a deterrent. I would just like to find some people to talk to and become friends with here. It would be nice to share in some common interests. I am...
  3. lotsarocks

    Hello from a newcomer

    I have not been on a forum in some time, but I am glad to have found this one. I hope that maybe I can find others to talk to. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to make friends as I get older. Part of it is agoraphobia I am struggling with currently, but the other part is that I am...