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  1. Aedammair

    Probably can't get worse

    Mate I have 1 friend that I get to hang out every couple of months. I work all the time... and my family seems to be thinking I'm a selfrighteous prick whose trying desperately to make their lives as miserable as possible. I used to hide my frustration at life and not let it show. However that's...
  2. Aedammair

    What is everyone's New Year's Resolution?

    haha that's an amazing goal Badjedidude. Mine are to work on my temper, beef up a little more (I look scrawny and I've been working out regularly for about a year), and to work on making the best out of life. I've been dragging my tush for a little too long. I need to work on that. Aedammair...
  3. Aedammair

    Strategy For Battling Suicidal Thoughts

    Fill you time with something. Also, I am a cashier in retail right now (I know that's random but keep reading). I actually talked to some psycologist lady. She told me that a big thing that helps is making something of a "joy" poster/chart. Everytime something good happens, no matter how small...
  4. Aedammair

    meeting gf/bf online... is it worth counting on? need advice

    Just see how it goes. If you want to talk about something, it will usually present itself in someway. Don't force a topic into the conversation. and don't just say "Do you have a bf" or "I am crazy about you wanna go out". Use some guile. (Betting you already know but just thought I'd throw that...
  5. Aedammair

    Is it better to go without Love?

    It is not a matter that the government is right. It is that I really need to go into the military. (I don't know how to explain it) I just don't know if it would be worth it to put someone I actually love through the emotional rollercoaster.
  6. Aedammair

    Is it better to go without Love?

    Is it better to never let someone in so they never get hurt or to open up and risk their chances at any semblance to a normal life that they would lead without you? I am planning to go into the military. After that I am planning a career that could very well lead to my death. I don't want to...
  7. Aedammair

    Why is it always the ones I Don't want?

    Hey people... chiiill. Stop for a minute okay. fdelapena... you're wrong about all women being like that. Women are actually more likely to go past looks than men are. It is wrong to generalize on both sides. Vanilla Creme, yes he's wrong. No need to attack him about it or suggest he goes gay (I...
  8. Aedammair

    Your Favorite old song (before 2000 prefereably)

    Rofl Not sayin 90s music is old. :P I am not that young I'm just saying nothing too recent. Just something that you don't hear everyday on the radio and you have to pretty much search them out to listen to that one song you can't get out of your head. Aedammair
  9. Aedammair

    Your Favorite old song (before 2000 prefereably)

    What is a song you used to love in the 90s or earlier. In your childhood or your youth. and anything memories it conjures up. Doesn't matter how old. Here's mine. Peter Cetera "The Glory Of Love" :P yeah I know but this song was my favorite as a kid. I used to dance in the living room to its...
  10. Aedammair

    Could be going towards divorce

    Alright EveWasFramed... I'm really tired today... That was suppose to be a W. :P Oops. Okay. Wasn't sure if you were talking about the thread or the comments. P2TP I am thinking that is the same role that I may end up playing between my parents. Just so all of you understand. Before my dad...
  11. Aedammair

    Could be going towards divorce

    I do agree with LC on only the part that it is my parents issue and I should respect that it is mainly their problem to deal with it. However for the rest... I can't stand by and be a bystander. That is what I did last time. That is not the kind of person I am. I am working on simply talking to...
  12. Aedammair

    Could be going towards divorce

    I need help. My parents may be heading for divorce. My dad has depression except, instead of getting sad he gets angry. My mom has a low self esteem. He hounds on that, hurting her in more ways than I care to list. About 5 years ago he got angry at the dog and started screaming. He pulled a gun...
  13. Aedammair

    3 options and need help

    Should I even be trying for a relationship? The 3rd girl is moving within the next 2 weeks to another state (its far enough away that I may never see her again). Should I even try to ask her on a date? I was planning to ask her to go ice skating with me but now I feel like that would just be...
  14. Aedammair

    My Hypervigilance

    I actually try to do the same thing. Watching people out of the corner of my eye, scanning my environment. If I hear someone walking behind me I move to a position I can defend myself, or to look behind me to see who it is. Don't think it is actually a bad thing. Be aware of it and don't let it...
  15. Aedammair

    Well, girl I went on dates with now registered as in a relationship

    She might be talking about you man. If that doesn't turn out then you have my sympathy. There are a billion and a half women out there. There's bound to be at least one that will work out for you. Just try to keep up hope and don't take it too hard reguardless. Some people just can't reciprocate...
  16. Aedammair

    Lets see the Faces!!!

    Here's me. I look like a frickin 12 year old. Don't know what else to say. Don't know how good/bad looking I am but there it is Aedammair
  17. Aedammair

    3 options and need help

    Please give me any advice you can. There are three girls that I can pursue. There are good solid reasons behind each. Please help! 1. I can pursue the girl I have dreamed about for about 10 years. She does not show any inclination that she likes me and the only contact I have with her is...
  18. Aedammair

    So I think he's adorable.

    Just because he turned away doesn't mean he's not interested. Help him figure it out a little. You don't have to do that verbally. Let him catch you looking at him once in a while. Smile at him as you walk past each other. The list is endless. Try something Just a suggestion though. Don't...
  19. Aedammair

    Might be breaking up

    It sounds to me that your girl is giving you a challenge. Her family may be pressuring her to split with you because they don't think your worth it. She's giving you a challenge to prove them wrong. Clean up, get a job, and go for it. No girl wants to have a spouse who can't support her. I know...
  20. Aedammair

    The worst 2 weeks of my life

    Yeah. I think I've learned my lesson. Unfortuanately though, after I hit the deer, I had the premonition that something worse was going to happen. Then I crashed hard core. but I still have the feeling. My parents are thinking that because its happened 3 times in the past week that it must some...