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  1. dan27


    I reckon Destiny is a real thing. A drunken car-wreck could've been avoided, if I'd obeyed my intuition... 32 sober years later, I cannot right that wrong.
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    FYI....Found: Religious debating forums

    Since the subject is Taboo around here...I googled the term & found many!!! 😇 (y)
  3. dan27

    Small Talk sux..

    I bump into a few Jokers in my neighborhood that I've known for ten years. How's it goin' about the extent of the conversation....dang ! Never any deep stuff, political or spiritual. Nothing about their accomplishments or skills or woes . At least my computer lets me search the heavy...
  4. dan27

    my note to a friend..

    hey thanx...feeling no buddy to visit around here anymore.... just me and my guitars and cpu....
  5. dan27

    modern dating

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    Abandonment fears can impair a person's ability to trust others. They may make it harder for a person to feel worthy or be intimate. These fears could make a person prone to anxiety, depression, codependence, or other issues. Abandonment issues are also linked to borderline personality (BPD) and...
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    Big Dan27 thread

    For your perusal:
  8. dan27

    Encouragement ?

    When was the last time anyone encouraged YOU ? Were you thanked for a job, well done ? So many take me for granted . Anyway.... i know " I R O C K ! " & so do YOU ! :love:(y)(y)
  9. dan27

    Feedback please..

    I honestly flood this Forum with links to great articles & music from youtube. I also post my genuine advice. Have I helped anyone here? Should i go away? R.S.V.P.
  10. dan27

    Gabor Maté - The Roots of Healing

  11. dan27

    The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

  12. dan27

    Living From a Place of Surrender

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    Peace In Our Time

  15. dan27

    Claude Monet

  16. dan27

    Wake up choice.

  17. dan27

    Thank them..

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    Toxic People and What To Do About It

  20. dan27

    To err is human..

    So....if we humans are created by a divine designer, our defects are just aspects of our perfection. Therefore, our struggles are as natural as our pleasures. No apparent rhythm to it just happens to each of us in unique ways. The bottom-line is: troubles pass, heart's do mend & your...