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    i think i am gone

    i am very scared
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    A hypothetical question to the women here.

    dont listen to these idiots trying to lie to you women care about everything especially experience
  3. A02

    I wish i could just try again

  4. A02

    Lets see the Faces!!!

    i am 19 for a frame of reference
  5. A02

    What made you smile today?

    i haven't smiled in the last year tbh
  6. A02

    I'm yeah

    yeah hey buddy
  7. A02

    In one word. Post your current mood.

  8. A02


    hey man
  9. A02

    Another Bad Experience

    yeah its hard to make friends tbh ive never had one
  10. A02

    What time did you get out of bed today?

    2 pm ish
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    i thought it would be active i prefer
  12. A02

    Misogyny Festers Here

    yeah no point in even talking about the truth to females and I.T users they are blinded
  13. A02

    anyone else have a comfort item

    when i was younger my mum took me to a shop and bought me this frog balloon thing it was cute this was when she was pretty much strung out 24/7 on what ever she took i moved away and lived with my gran when i was 11 due to my mum and dad being junkies and he would hit me and her alot so it was a...
  14. A02

    Prostitution what do you think

    its just disgusting but its the only way id ever get laid
  15. Qw12W9u.png


  16. A02

    Single by choice, anybody?

    i cant embrace being single like that its horrible for me being single i really hate it well done for u guys for being able to be ok with that
  17. A02

    Free speech online has officially hit a new low...

    thats why i stick to forums ive been banned like 24 times off of discord banned from insta twitter etc and ip banned on reddit
  18. A02

    Questions for the Men

    he was probably just asking a question or he got nervous