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  1. Aedammair

    Is it better to go without Love?

    Is it better to never let someone in so they never get hurt or to open up and risk their chances at any semblance to a normal life that they would lead without you? I am planning to go into the military. After that I am planning a career that could very well lead to my death. I don't want to...
  2. Aedammair

    Your Favorite old song (before 2000 prefereably)

    What is a song you used to love in the 90s or earlier. In your childhood or your youth. and anything memories it conjures up. Doesn't matter how old. Here's mine. Peter Cetera "The Glory Of Love" :P yeah I know but this song was my favorite as a kid. I used to dance in the living room to its...
  3. Aedammair

    Could be going towards divorce

    I need help. My parents may be heading for divorce. My dad has depression except, instead of getting sad he gets angry. My mom has a low self esteem. He hounds on that, hurting her in more ways than I care to list. About 5 years ago he got angry at the dog and started screaming. He pulled a gun...
  4. Aedammair

    3 options and need help

    Please give me any advice you can. There are three girls that I can pursue. There are good solid reasons behind each. Please help! 1. I can pursue the girl I have dreamed about for about 10 years. She does not show any inclination that she likes me and the only contact I have with her is...
  5. Aedammair

    The worst 2 weeks of my life

    how can I put this. My life has been sucking beyond measure lately. I still live with my parents and drive their cars. First, I ran the car off the road and ran it into a fence. Cut up the car. This was last tuesday Second, I hit a deer. It didn't really do much though and the deer is still...
  6. Aedammair

    A little help please

    As many of you knw my biggest problem is with relationships. I'm trying to get over a girl that I've had a crush on for a long time. I think the best way to get over her is to look for love. But to do that I have to put myself out there and ask someone. I am in college, can drive. I am thinking...
  7. Aedammair

    Me venting. sorry

    No I am not talking about suicide. Life just seems to be crushing down on me from all sides. I have 0 contact with friends. The girl I care about is going through hell but there is nothing I can do to comfort her or anything. All I can do is sit at my computer and hope at some point she gets...
  8. Aedammair

    what can I do to get over her

    What can I do to get over a crush I have had for over a decade? Logic tells me that I don't stand a chance. She has a life and it does not involve me. By holding onto this fallacy that I might be able win her, I have only hampered any attempt I might have at a love life. Aedammair
  9. Aedammair

    Running away

    I know this may sound wierd but I would like some opinions. When I was a little kid I always wanted to run away. Now the thought is going through my mind again. I was talking to a friend about this and he told me that he had very nearly run away last summer. He told me that if I ever truly...
  10. Aedammair

    I found an old friend

    I have moved around in the states. When I was in kindergarten I left my homestate for another. One of my best friends was a girl. She was actually one of my first crushes. Turns out I was hers as well. Well guess what! I found her on facebook of all places. We talked for hours. It seems so...
  11. Aedammair

    Lost a pet

    last night it got -20 and my goat froze to death. :( I doing fine until I had to go in there later and pull him out of the stall and put him into a wheel barrow. Every little thing is now digging at me that normally wouldn't bother me.
  12. Aedammair

    I may have a date

    Hey you guys. I really need adavice. I ask this girl I kinda like to a dance but she turned me down because she said it was too formal but that she would like to go on a date with me another time. I am trying to think of something semi-romatic to do. Any advice for a first timer? What can I do...
  13. Aedammair

    Body Language

    What is some body language that you can judge off of that a person like you? what kind of things girls look for and what should I look for.
  14. Aedammair

    What do you do if you are just afraid...

    What do you do if you are just afraid of her saying yes as you are of her saying no? What can you do? It's not commitment just the fear of the unknown.
  15. Aedammair

    Dates or dating?

    Which should you be really aiming for. Should you be trying to date a girl or go on dates? How do you ask for either? I'm a highschooler so if you could think with that mindset I would be most thankful. Aedammair
  16. Aedammair

    I don't know how to explain this

    I am the kinda guy who wants to be some beautiful girls knight in shining armor To get married and live happily ever after. Only thing is I get so nervous. I for one don't like being hurt. What can I do to overcome my fear of rejection? That is how all my attempts at a normal relationship have...
  17. Aedammair

    how do you deal with jerks

    Okay I know right off I sound like a jerk myself. Just hear me out. I am a senior in highschool and kinda the quiet. My parents will kill me if I get into a fight. I am not saying I am afraid to fight them. I could slaughter them. It is just once I got home I would be dead. What can I do without...
  18. Aedammair

    What Do I Do

    I am a person of few fears. I am not trying to brag it is just true. Pretty much my only fear is girls. I just can't talk to them. I have plenty of female friends but the second it starts bordering on crush I become terrified and can't think. I honestly think sometimes that God is just setting...