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  1. VanillaCreme

    Rest in Peace, Eve.

    A handful of days ago, I received the heartbreaking news that forum member EveWasFramed, a.k.a Deb, passed away in July. To my knowledge, she was in a car accident to which she did not recover from. Naleena, if you ever happen to read this, please correct it if the information is wrong...
  2. VanillaCreme

    VUDU Codes

    I have four $5 VUDU codes. If anyone doesn't know what VUDU is, it's Walmart's movie streaming service. You can usually find codes in the Marketplace pizzas, and the ones I have still sitting around are expiring soon (on 9/17/15). I usually give them to a friend, but he can't add any more to his...
  3. VanillaCreme

    Game Giveaway

    These are some game keys for Steam and a few for Origin. Had these keys for a while, and we're not using them, so someone might as well get one and enjoy. Some of these have to be sent to emails, because Humble Bundle changed the way they distributed keys. Message me or leave a post for the game...
  4. VanillaCreme

    "I'm tired of being labeled."

    I was reading/watching this about Raven-Symone. It was an interview she did on Oprah, and she talks about her same-sex relationship and the label of "African American" and how she doesn't agree with being called that. While I can't say anything from a personal standpoint on being with a woman as...
  5. VanillaCreme

    I knew I liked Beauty and the Beast

    For a very good reason, too. It was more than Belle falling in love with her kidnapper... http://www.tickld.com/x/this-guy-just-changed-the-way-we-see-beauty-and-the-beast
  6. VanillaCreme

    Gamers More Social?

    And more likely to be educated than non-gamers, according to I Fucking Love Science. http://www.iflscience.com/technology/gamers-more-likely-be-social-educated-non-gamers Gamers unite! Take that non-gamers!
  7. VanillaCreme

    Raid for the forums.

    I've made a RaidCall for the forums. For those who don't know, Raidcall is a chat program, much like Skype, only there's no need to call people. You just join the room. If you're interested in joining to talk with your fellow members, the ID number will be in the photo below. You just type it...
  8. VanillaCreme

    To EveWasFramed

    Just read the coupon thread, and it reminded me of how great and nice it was spending those few days at your home. I thank you for inviting me and welcoming me. It was, to me, once in a lifetime awesomeness. I also want to thank you for helping me out when I really had no other thought to turn...
  9. VanillaCreme

    For Eve, Minus, Sci and TSM

    I know firsthand how difficult it can be (and EXTREMELY time consuming) to be an administrator/moderator - not from just being here, but other sites as well. So here's to you all, with lots of love! Seriously, doe, why you's guys such badmins! Enjoy this cake.
  10. VanillaCreme

    Things That People Do That Amaze You

    Tell us some of the things that people you know do or have done that simply amaze you in any way. I would have to say, when my mom folded sheets, she always knew how to make them stay flat. I've yet to master this ability, but I'm working on it.
  11. VanillaCreme

    Name a Time Where You Got Lost

    When I was little, after learning how to just barely walk, my mom took us to the K-Mart to go shopping. Well, I thought it would be a good idea in my little mind to go wondering off. I don't remember where they found me, but my mom told me she was so panicked when she realized I wasn't by her...
  12. VanillaCreme

    Google's Homepage

    Check out Google's video on their homepage. It's a cute little video. Happy Valentine's day everyone.
  13. VanillaCreme

    Pillow Pets

    http://pillowpets.com Just something cute if you like animals or pillows. I wants the panda one.
  14. VanillaCreme

    Sleeping Door Closed

    Sleep with the door open or closed? I sleep with the bedroom door open. It doesn't bother me. Doesn't bother me when it's closed, but I prefer it to be open. (hmm)
  15. VanillaCreme


    Does anyone have an iPhone? My T-Mobile contract runs up next April, and I'm starting to look for phones now. My friend showed me that super awesome does everything iPhone while we were on Skype, and he said I should get one. He showed me nearly every app he has... It does some pretty cool...
  16. VanillaCreme

    Perfect Relationship?

    Has anyone ever wondered where they could find someone who really suits them? I've been in this 24 hour gaming marathon, and although I'm not interested in any of my friends in any intimate or romantic way, I just wonder... Where can I find a guy like this? I love gaming. It's what I do. I'm...
  17. VanillaCreme

    DS Lite for sale

    For once, this is legitimate! I'm not spam! Okay, well, I took out my DS Lite, because I've been wanting to sell it for the longest time. So, I finally got it all out, in all it's shiny glory. I was going to call GameStop, however, Knight made a useful point in saying they'll cheat me out...
  18. VanillaCreme

    Ice cream, lemonade and Alice

    I'm sitting here. In my room. Eating an ice cream bar. Drinking lemonade. And watching Alice in Wonderland. I feel blah. And I don't know what to do. In the past few weeks I've noticed myself changing a bit. My ambitions have shifted, and so has my energy. Eh. I just wish I could talk to...
  19. VanillaCreme

    Why she didn't pick him the first time...

    Here is an article on a woman who after a first date, dismissed a guy. Some time later, they came back to each other, finding the love of their life in the other...
  20. VanillaCreme

    Things that should take but a second to do...

    But you take like 45 minutes doing it... Example: I just spent 10 minutes struggling with a Tupperware to fit on the top rack of the dishwasher. Thing is, it's a really small one. You couldn't even fit all your fingers in it. I usually melt some butter in it, like I did, and it just wouldn't...