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    Looking for advice on this situation

    I made this post elsewhere and only got a few responses, so I'm looking to get other insights. So here it goes... My gf (18) and I (19) have been together for 8 months, and around 6 of which she has been living with her sister and up until recently her sisters ex, as she was kicked out of her...
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    How to cope in a relationship in these times

    I'm 19, from Australia, and have been in a relationship for nearly eight months now.  The coronavirus is causing large-scale shutdown of society in Australia, possibly to the point of a lockdown. People are freaking out everywhere. One of those people is my girlfriends sister. Now this is a...
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    Old issue arises in new relationship

    I've always been pretty tight for money. I only got my first job at age 17. I was in a relationship before I got that job, and my girlfriend at the time had a job herself. It killed me watching her go to work every weekend, and all the things she could do with the money she earnt, whilst I was...