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  1. Aardra

    I Hate Being Me

    I hate being me. I hate being trans. I hate that I have to expend so much energy to defend my existence, let alone my womanhood. I hate my body, my "wrong" parts, my "wrong" brain, my wrong everything. I hate that it's 100% acceptable to shit all over trans people in a $20 million comedy special...
  2. Aardra

    I Feel Incomplete

    I don't know how other people are so well-adjusted. How do they get along? How can they make friends, have impactful interactions, maintain lasting friendships? I feel so incompatible with others, like who and what I am is just... naturally upsetting to people. I'm a 6'4'' tall woman with a...
  3. Aardra

    3 Years Transition, All Healed Up from Surgery!

    I am recovering from FFS (facial feminization surgery) so my eyes are still quite puffy, but I took a picture and thought I actually looked... pretty?  :D
  4. Aardra

    Share Your Cringe

    Hello. I made a thread to post funny personal memories that make us cringe. I'll go first: In 6th Grade all the boys I knew listened to KoЯn, so to fit in I started writing the band's name on all my school supplies, usually in Wite-Out. Only I never bothered to listen to their music or, for...
  5. Aardra

    Listless, maladjusted wannabe goth gf

  6. Aardra

    Misogyny Festers Here

    Can something please be done about the deluge of thinly-veiled misogynistic posts? Thread after thread after thread, by the same 3-4 individuals. It never ends. It's basically masturbatory at this point. We get it. You're keen to blame your lack of romantic success on some phantom of...