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  1. Okiedokes

    Healing the Shame that binds you

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in years but I decided to check things out. I hope everyone I've talked to is doing well. I wanted to share a book that I've read and recommend for everyone. I attached a picture of the cover- hopefully it works. This book has been very helpful in more ways than...
  2. Okiedokes

    Exercise for depression and anxiety

    Exercise for depression and anxiety Vigorous exercise can work as good as medication.
  3. Okiedokes

    A poem about the season

    On the eve of Christmas the calmness of winter is in the air The excitement sets in our hearts of the day where family gathers Gifts are exchanged, food is displayed The snow falls lightly to the ground The beautiful melodies play as we open gifts The biggest gift cannot come inside a package...
  4. Okiedokes

    This is a day for you

    This is a day for you a day in the many days of your life Tomorrow could be the last it's time to let go and move on from the past not a time to focus on the worries of tomorrow but to focus on the gifts of today, not the woes The sun still shines it's light, even with the clouds above where...
  5. Okiedokes

    The Basic Needs (from Maslow)

    1. Physiological (Food, water, warmth, etc) 2. Safety (To feel free from constant danger) 3. Love and Belongingness 4. Self Esteem (Feeling proud about what you do and who you are) 5. Self-Actualization (Developing your potential) These are all actual needs in our lives. It wasn't until I seen...
  6. Okiedokes

    Close down

    Do you ever get in moods or moments where you just kinda shut down? Like.. it's hard to express any emotion and you have a hard time even physically moving your face sometimes? Kinda like, everyone is staring at you feeling.
  7. Okiedokes

    Screwing up when speaking

    Ahhh yes... we've all said something that was either a mistake or we misunderstood what someone has said. Whether or not it was because you were nervous or not... tell us some of your screw ups. Nothing wrong with having "moments"...kind of good to laugh at yourself sometimes. :) I went to the...
  8. Okiedokes

    Couples who share similar issues

    So..do you think it might be beneficial for people who share similar issues such as anxiety..depression... bi polar to be in a relationship? Perhaps it could really bring two people even closer because they share the same battle and can try to get better together, and in doing so, may have...
  9. Okiedokes

    Everybody is like that

    Do you ever have anyone say to you..."Oh everyone gets shy and has anxiety to some degree?" While that might be true.. that sentence also lessens the impact of how bad it is for people with real problems...that do exist. I realize that you can only begin to understand when you go through...
  10. Okiedokes

    Happy Birthday Cities!

    I hope you have a great birthday today :)
  11. Okiedokes

    Question about love or feelings

    So.. yeah as we know communication is the key to every friendship and relationship and keeping it going. I guess I'm digging deeper on this because this stuff interests me and I'm asking for someone else. Feelings take time to happen, and feelings take time to fade and it takes much longer I...
  12. Okiedokes

    How many?

    How many relationships have you been in? Nosy question huh? Well I'll tell mine first.. 2. The first one was from High school and we dated for 3 months. We had things in common but we were far too young to be serious. The second one we dated for a year first and then we got married...
  13. Okiedokes

    Big Foot

    [video=youtube] Do you believe in a Big Foot? While I found this video to be hilarious.. I think there is a possibility one exists. Maybe a cross between a human and a gorilla? Who knows.. [video=youtube] Real footage or fake? Whatcha think?
  14. Okiedokes

    "Relationship Poem"

    After A While by Veronica Shoftsall After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises...
  15. Okiedokes


    It seems like it's so easy to have such drastic swings in mood..even on a daily basis. I felt so great last night over a minor change I made that I thought maybe yesterday was just an off day and maybe I should just let it blow past me. I won't get into details but the bad day was one of my...
  16. Okiedokes

    Depression Triggers

    10 Biggest Depression Triggers and how to turn them off
  17. Okiedokes

    How old do people think you are?

    I'm sure everyone of us has had someone come along and think we are a different age. Maybe it depends on the clothes we are wearing or maybe even our hairstyles. It can be a good or bad thing...hopefully good in your case.. What age are you mistaken for?
  18. Okiedokes

    I've come to the conclusion

    I'm no expert and this is just from my own personal feelings and what I've learned about love and commitment. Love...is acceptance. Loving someone no matter what, whether they have annoying traits, a personality flaw (in your opinion), and working around those things. It has nothing to do with...
  19. Okiedokes

    SDHD card won't read

    I have Windows XP, and my sdhd card, 8GB won't read. I downloaded Hotfix and it said the stuff I have is more up to date than that file so I didn't need to install it. I'll keep doing research but if anyone has any ideas...it would be great. It's for my digital camera. Thanks! Oh.. and on my...