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  1. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    I'm happy you had your moment. Those experiences are deeply rooted in us. My worst regret in life is that I wasn't with my father when he died, knowing he was dying. I've come to terms with many things I life but not with this one.
  2. Just_another_one

    What are you thinking right now?

    That this forum reminds me of the first 2000s when forums were such a great thing
  3. Just_another_one

    God morning

    Welcome :)
  4. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    I am so sorry for what happened to you and I can't even imagine a parent willing to harm a child. I miss the 2000s forum vibes, I wish they were still popular as they were.
  5. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    Thank you 😊 Do people still write on this forum?
  6. Just_another_one

    Lonely, single, and wanting to be a Dad

    Having a child is the last goal of a long term relationship and not a starting point. I guess (just my opinion) your eagerness of having a child is what makes women run away and not absurd theories about genetic. Choosing someone as the father of your child means (usually) knowing that person...
  7. Just_another_one

    Suggestion for Health and Fitness

    I have my gym corner at home and I like it a lot
  8. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    Oh wow. I didn't even remember this forum. I've received an email from it and I thought "what is it?" Well, 4 years have passed. I'm fine, I've got my house (my Dad's house) and a new job. I still feel lonely despite having a stable relationship. I guess I am the problem at this point. I hope...
  9. Just_another_one


    I've broken up with my man on the 23th of December. Today's the 24th and my son is at his dad's. I'm completely alone. I feel so lost.
  10. Just_another_one

    A Shy, Geeky Fellow Emerges!

    welcome :)
  11. Just_another_one

    hi there, 🙂

    you're still too young to talk like this! I hope things will work out for you too.
  12. Just_another_one


    Same story here, a damaging relationship and the death of my father. I'm really sorry. But you seem strong. Hugs.
  13. Just_another_one

    New introvert single member

    Welcome! Feel free to pm if you want to talk!
  14. Just_another_one


    Hi, I'm looking for people to chat during evenings like this. Skype, WhatsApp, messenger, whatever.  I'm a girl and I'm 27.
  15. Just_another_one

    In one word. Post your current mood.

    I'm frightened. And anxious. And sad.
  16. Just_another_one

    Anyone from Europe?

    Me too!
  17. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    I studied English, German and Russian. Мы можем говорить по русский, если ты хочешь. Anyway, we say that of every English-speaking person, they already speak English, why should they learn another language? :P I like languages. The harder it is the more I like it. I don't know if I've faced all...
  18. Just_another_one

    Just another one

    Hi everybody, I really don't know where to start. I've found this forum while I was looking for information about loneliness, I didn't even known that people still write in internet forums  :D English is not my first language despite my degree in languages, so forgive me if I make some...