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  1. Adamridge79


    Eh...pushing you non rate bishes aside There can be only one
  2. Adamridge79


    So, I could call out the not involved members for basically not being involved. And they will most certainly read this post. And they will question if they should be here. And, they will, and that's very sad. So..I won't draw attention to the person's that can't even be a pretend person, on a...
  3. Adamridge79

    What drives you crazy

    Future ck. Not a ghost
  4. Adamridge79

    What drives you crazy

    Ghosts never count. Like, basically, ever
  5. Adamridge79

    What are you thinking right now?

    One down, two to go
  6. Adamridge79

    What drives you crazy

    These motherloving people that should go night night so I can make a Christopher Lambert quote
  7. Adamridge79

    Contacted an ex after 13 yrs, need advice.

    I'm not reading that, but, by the title...DON'T. Was it that hard?
  8. Adamridge79

    I am 36 years old and I dont know how to drive a car !!!!

    I read 2...just walk. Or walk in front of me not in an intersection. I'll run you down, say i thought you were a deer. And keep driving.
  9. Adamridge79

    What are you thinking right now?

    I will Highlander this shi t. Again. Only one motherfudgers
  10. Adamridge79

    Why did this guy treat me like this and made a mess of me?

    Ok, I'll give my two's a thought. And this comes from so many similar scenarios. Don't hang your coat on the hook of someone you've known for 7 minutes. So many ways, or so I'm told, that are ways to find others. But, I'm on this forum, so maybe don't listen to me. Sooooooo much bad...
  11. Adamridge79

    song lyrics you feel like you can relate to right now...

    The ones that are in that one commercial that I've only heard once, and Google doesn't know
  12. Adamridge79

    A-Z words ending in ST

  13. Adamridge79

    Keep one, Junk one

    failed reform
  14. Adamridge79

    What are you thinking right now?

    Well...just quit. Don't. Yeah, that
  15. Adamridge79

    You know you're getting old when

    When you know youre f u ck in old
  16. Adamridge79

    What are you thinking right now?

    F u c k all of this
  17. Adamridge79

    Occupations A-Z

    rehabilitation expert
  18. Adamridge79

    Site/rule changes

    Ugh...effort? Well..I guess I'm exerting effort. But that other way would be less fun
  19. Adamridge79

    Site/rule changes

    HA HA Fuckos
  20. Adamridge79

    Site/rule changes

    Good place for experimental typing. Holy fuckos Batman...there's 11. Who we gonna call?