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  1. MissBehave

    What are you thinking right now?

    Wow. That's has to be the most wasted time I've ever spent reading anything on this forum.
  2. MissBehave

    does anything make you feel better?

    Listen to music that's kinda sad. That helps me unlock some pushed down emotions. I also try to distract myself cause it's when it's silent that I struggle the most. Also, just talking to someone on voice also helps alot.
  3. MissBehave


    Gaming and coloring 😄
  4. MissBehave

    My friend is a vegetarian

    You should tell her what you've been doing. Bet she will think it's hilarious. 😆
  5. MissBehave

    A happy week to everyone

    Excuse me Miss or Mr Questgiver. I would like to take on a mission so whatever you have available will work fine for me. ♥️
  6. MissBehave

    would you or wouldn't you

    Wtf no! Noone wants to eat deep fried butter. 🤢 Would you........ Hmm..... Would your forever way of transportation be either jetpack or an actual hovering hoverboard?
  7. MissBehave

    What are you thinking right now?

    Fancy seeing you! Hope life is treating you well ♥️
  8. MissBehave

    would you or wouldn't you

    I would go as Rilakkuma with a sundress. <3 Would you go skydiving?
  9. MissBehave

    friends or no friends?

    I am usually pretty content with being calm and not in touch with as many as I used to. Before I was hyper social, always wanting to distract myself by going out and whatnot. I've calmed down alot with age and now I only need a few close ones. I like the way I am now and I try to never throw...
  10. MissBehave

    What are the things that infuriate you the most from society?

    How so many step on others as a way to climb the ladder. Makes much more sense to elevate eachother than climb over a pile of dead bodies to become the best.
  11. MissBehave

    Post something beautiful you have seen today.

    A good story in a book ive been reading <3
  12. MissBehave


    The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
  13. MissBehave

    Is it better to die suddenly or have a few months/years to prepare for death while suffering from an illness?

    For family members it's better that a loved one dies more slow so there is time to process it. You get the opportunity to say all you want to say. For the person who dies, I would think it's better with a quick death. Slowly withering away and losing quality of life doesn't seem fun at all...
  14. MissBehave

    What are you thinking right now?

    The best chocolate comes in 2 forms. Dark and smeared on some sexy abs.
  15. MissBehave

    Age fantasy...

    Age doesn't feel that bad at all. More experience and wisdom, I know myself better and what I want. I know what I don't want too! I think you find yourself more with age.
  16. MissBehave

    What do you wear?

    I'm more of a nudist at home than anything else. Rarely use any bottoms exept underwear. I do like wearing cute clothes though cause it makes me feel better about being me.
  17. MissBehave

    Self reflection

    I think it makes perfect sense. It's harder to hate yourself vs when others do it. You only have to deal with your boss for a limited time but you can never escape your own judgment.
  18. MissBehave

    Beautiful Things