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  1. Richard_39

    Serious ?. Do you think people are getting dumber?

    Damned right they are. Stopping us from killing animals and eating them, wanting us all to eat plants like we're cannibals or something. Who do they think they are? .....🙃
  2. Richard_39

    Serious ?. Do you think people are getting dumber?

    I think the answers to the gun problem is deregulation and more guns. If everyone was armed, it would be a great deterrent. Everyone. It'd be like the cold war, it would seeve as a great means to scare everyone else into passivity. They should sell them everywhere. Gas stations, shopping marts...
  3. Richard_39

    What is your weather like right now?

    Last vestiges of winter. It was snowing yesterday but that turned to rain this morning.
  4. Richard_39

    Hi 73 year old woman.

    Hi, welcome to ALL
  5. Richard_39

    Serious ?. Do you think people are getting dumber?

    I think that's a rather unfair assessment. I'm not a big fan of Trump the person, but as a President in the US, it can argued there has been far worse. Cancel culture is as rampant on the right as it is on the left. One can argue it's more rampant on the left, actually. As a center left person...
  6. Richard_39

    Serious ?. Do you think people are getting dumber?

    People thinking everyone else is getting dumber without looking first to themselves. Also, inability to accept or otherwise understand an opposite position on anything and dismissing it outright. That's rather dumb.
  7. Richard_39

    Pet Peeves

    People who put on their loud music everywhere thinking they're the only ******** in the world who matter. Buy some headphones.
  8. Richard_39

    The OFFICIAL Weird and Creepy Thread

    Oh, and apparently, nose hair extensions is a new beauty trend, according to a facebook group I'm on.
  9. Richard_39

    The OFFICIAL Weird and Creepy Thread

    ...can't unsee it anymore 😳
  10. Richard_39

    Pet Peeves

    People who think they know what you're thinking, then ask you or tell you something really idiotic thinking you'll either find it funny or agree with it. But just come off as ignorant.
  11. Richard_39

    Roll Call: How Many People here are over 30 or 40?

    Going to be 44 in May. 😭 Lol Darn, mentioned that already, I AM getting old. Quick, cover's going to rain today.
  12. Richard_39

    What are you listening to?

  13. Richard_39

    Every day - Moments for Recovery/Development

    Hey congrats! Here's looking at you in 10 😉
  14. Richard_39

    What are you thinking right now?

    The ONE word I wish wasn't on the censor list, the one I use the most and never figured was an actual swear, is damm. Sometimes I don't think about it and write it, but when it pops up as four stars? People probably assume I'm writing the f word lol. Kind of funny.
  15. Richard_39


    Darn, that makes me hungry lol. I love cooking...but not for myself. If I cook for myself, it's usually an avalanche of oven ready, frozen dishes and I suck at ideas. When I got someone to feed me ideas though, I love to cook, especially if I don't exactly know what I'm doing lol. Leaves room...
  16. Richard_39

    Lets see the Faces!!!

    Lol if only. I'd take about 5 inches and 50 more pounds, as well as the wrestling fortitude that goes with it 😉
  17. Richard_39

    Dating website dependency

    ...I'm not OLD. Oh, wait...
  18. Richard_39


    Lol I gathered that, mate, I was speaking figuratively 😉. I often go with my dad's voice, usually goes along the lines of "What are you doing, you idiot?!?". Or my grandfather's voice. "You know what you have to do. Do it."
  19. Richard_39

    Dating website dependency's in french, you'll need a translator 😉 A psychologist spoke of dating website in our local news, mentioning that while it's not yet become a dependency in the traditional...
  20. Richard_39


    Well, I think you can safely put away the angry or irrational voices. That should make it a bit clearer. Also, maybe the irrational ones, that should make it a bit more quiet. Then, for me, what works is generally asking the voices left; is what I'm doing Right, or Wrong and is it more for...