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    What are you thinking right now?

    It is a little bit late and i dont know. I am thinking about organising my days/weeks or twoweeklies. my usual organisation is limited gameplay (which i have for quite some time, but now i want a little more) and something for videogame perhaps weekly few times something for general art or so...
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    How do I cope with heartbreak?

    She may have felt somewhat good with you, but according to Her selection criteria Her Ex was a better fit (in the current times). Selection criteria happens very often. In my case i would select some women who are ok with having more then 1 women with me, but i am not very good looking from the...
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    Spree shooters

    Previous commenters say it pretty well. Humiliation and getting even with humiliation and something like a perceived injustice. But it doesn't mean that everyone would become a spreeshooter who is humiliated. There maybe something like an ammount of aggression and schizophrenia making them think...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    this is a pretty good life on the grander scale in my observation. but for some people it maybe not as good. to me amazing artwork became captivating with logic as well. what is troubleing you?
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    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    well. Wrinkles are often somewhat menly. It is rare when looking for wrinkles in men. Girls get puberty sooner however so at a young age when they are not allowed to have relationships of serious sort, they are more tormented by it who doesn't get it. Fat on women is sometimes attractive, little...
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    something about me (some inabilities/attractions)

    basically yeah gaming. But its like lucky situations in games or in real life sometimes. Although i did quit gaming for a while now (occasionally i play 2d ones but i became mostly bad with those as well).
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    something about me (some inabilities/attractions)

    When its not my "show" (which are rare events) then i struggle to fit into social occasions. Mostly my emotional communication what to throw at people to keep them entertained is the problem. I am more like some sort of ninja freak with low dexterity capacities on the replicatable scale. I like...
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    What can we do to make the world a better place?

    How to make the world a better place? suggest to your younger 16 years old friends to apply for the UWC or similar colleges. Or advocate for extending singularity university. With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes leverage. The socio-psychological workings of people is...
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    Talk...or don't

    no, it isn't a yorkshire terrier. it has like curly furr. and looks way different. not so small either.
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    Talk...or don't

    do you know this dog wich i believe maybe a kind of terrier perhaps a Yorkshire terrier. I have once peed a penguin bubble, who was leaning forward headbutting with Its beak into another foam and became a standing Yorkshire terrier (the dog with the furr on It's mouth).
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    Talk...or don't

    This i believe is like a thread about Talk or dont, so its like not having much topic, so people just go over the what are you thinking thread instead of this one. Unless they would have some meaningful event to share Here and not in a specific thread. Personally i dont know what i could say...
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    i think i have a ton of anxiety and depression ...

    I think you will do fine. But depression and anxiety can be a performance reducer for sure. I have something like bipolar so at least it is not all the time depression however it is not that true that i would be very useful during mania times either, i just am happy or manic about one or two...
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    My thing about eyes

    Black eyes are realy good looking. You are a model so i am not sure if you are liking some ninja cosplay or similar ninja fotography but there black eyes look great. On techwear girls as well. Black or Grey or lightblue all the same, darkerbrown maybe.
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    Introduction to the Lonely Life forum (new member)

    It does get below freezing during winter.
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    I dont know. Do they call you weird openly? Some people maybe weird.
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    The myth that good things come with time.

    Kindness is present. You just need to cast a wide enough net. Granted some people would be temporarily more fortunate to get more kindness in their lives compared to some others. Some people are in between extremes as well.
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    Game dev stuff

    you have some interesting artwork. I have considered making videogames, but mostly i just fantasized about it. It began with improvements in imagination since i was a child. Needless to say, the approach was quite childish. Then it was still childish sometimes later on in imagination of a few...
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    Introduction to the Lonely Life forum (new member)

    Hi everyone! I am Zoltan Matey, a Ukraine-born Hungarian. Most of my life i have been socially inept. I am not very lonely now, but in a sense i am! i need companionship of some sort i am thinking. I dont have many hobbies but sometimes more like occasionally i used to fantasize about artwork...