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    Fixing my brain

    Good for you. It's impressive to be able to get up and do something like that.
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    How much time have you wasted in solitude?

    Are you getting any help?
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    My cure for SHYNESS

    Set a goal. The next time you hit the bar scene make eye contact with strangers and smile. Do this before drinking. Then the day after do the same exact thing expect add only a word or two. ( hello or hey there) That tells you how easily a conversation can get going. It's something you need to...
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    Friends Needed

    If you want to talk I'm a good listener.
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    Picking Up The Pieces

    What? You mean reasons besides anxiety? Nope, the reasons aren't worth mentioning really. No point dwelling. Everything's starting to get squared away anyways. I can shake hands while making eye contact and everything! Even if I look just abit shaky lol Thanks for the welcome everyone.
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    Come on post what you do for fun. We all need ideas and its always a great way to meet people.
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    It sort feels awkward inviting myself into a small group like that. Might give it a try later on this summer.
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    Wasted my life, midlife crisis and still lost

    It sounds like your in pain Elgin. Do you want to talk about it? Feel free to send me a PM or start a new thread. You'll have my undivided attention. I promise. Thrasymachus I know what it's like living in an existential foxhole. It sucks but there is still professional support for you. If you...
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    Picking Up The Pieces

    "ForeverAlone" sounded too meme for my tastes. ;) Hello I'm just a hermit on a loooooong break from college. At the time some of the people I hanged out with referred to me as that agoraphobia loser. Whatever. It's kind of true I guess, spending each day a wreck avoiding the outside world. One...