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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    Yeah, they sent pictures to me of a broken phone, like it needed to be proven. I didn't ask for them nor make any suggestion that I did'nt believe that it was broken. I like your thinking, but sadly the photos were sent via Facebook messagener rather than an email attachment so that don't have...
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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    I went into the very cautiously and with both eyes open. It does seem too good to be true and there is a lot of doubt in my mind about them, but that 0.1% keeps me living in hope that there is some truth in who they are and what they say. There is one simple fix that would settle alot my doubts...
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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    I don't know if Facebook is any good for meeting people. As said they sent me a friend request and I normally would have just ignored it as I didn't know them, but they caught me at a low point in life. They haven't directly asked for money, just gave told me of a broken smashed up phone and...
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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    Totally this. As said I am 99.9% sure that they are not who they say they are, but it's all warm and cozy, it's like the warm sunshine on my cold cloudy gray days, it's what I have been longing for deep down for so very long and I don't want to let go of this feeling even though I am sure it's...
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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    Thanks for the reply. So I have been nothing but truthful to them and told them right from the off that it was not me in the video. They have seen a couple of photos of me and have sent me a couple of them. I have been very cautious about it all, it's all really random and weird how they have...
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    The 0.1% keeps me going.

    So I have found myself in a bit of a weird situation recently. I had a friend request come through to me on one of the social media platforms out there, and although as yet I have not accepted it, we have been messaging each other for the past couple of weeks. Normally I would of just ignored...
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    Post your Height

    About 5'2. Most of the height I have is in my legs. Had my spine had grown normally and not curved I would have been tall.
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    What are you listening to?

    Spotify has just served me up this:
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    Scars and/or birthmarks

    As I may have said before on one of the previous posts you mention, I have a number of scars. I have a scan on my right side, just above my ribs where I had a tumor removed when I was very little. I have another one which runs down the length of my back from spinal fusion surgery that I had, and...
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    Tell us five random things about yourself...

    If I didn't have to fit in with the timings of my job I would probably be nocturnal. When I was a kid, I once broke my arm while in hospital of all places. Fell off the bed while climbing down to go get my tea. Never did get any tea that night and ended up the following morning with a new...
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    have you or would you

    While I have not done it myself as such, I did travel half way across Europe with me best friend just so they could meet someone that they had met online. There is always a certain amount of risk when speaking to any one online but as long as you understand those risks and people know where...
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    Childhood Memories?

    Being freed from my plaster jacket once every three months for a day and spending most of the time in the bath before another one was fitted the following day. This was a big part of my childhood until I had spinal fusion at the age of eleven.
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    What drives you crazy

    Currently, what is driving me just a tad crazy, is the feeling that for some reason I am being ignored by my one and only closest friend (of many years), and I have no idea if I am or why I am.
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    What Are Your Favorite Childhood Memories?

    Being able to go to sleep at night without the need to be on a ventilator. Spending time with family members that are no longer here. Not having to deal with all these adult thoughts, feelings and emotions.
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    What are you listening to?

    Right now, this very minute, what I refer to as Happy Coldplay. :-)
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    So while social media has it's downsides, it also has it's upsides. I have a Facebook account but this is pretty much locked down so that I am not broadcasting my life to the whole wide world, basically, if you are not my friend you can not see anything other that what Facebook deems to be...
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    So firstly the serious reply: Feeling unattractive is a horrible thing, I have a number of medical conditons that effects the way I look, I have a curved spine, one arm massively bigger than the other and a conditon that effects my eyes so the outer me is far from what I would say is attractive...
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    In hospital

    Pleased to hear that you didn't need to have surgery. Hopefully the stitches will do the job and you haven't done too much damage to yourself.
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    In hospital

    Sorry to hear that. Is it your hand? How did that all go?