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  1. Greenish

    Reasons to feel good

    A friend is coming over for supper tomorrow evening. Starting the weekend off on a good note.
  2. Greenish

    Who here really enjoys conversation?

    It's not a question of running away, its instinctive an involuntary reaction perhaps. Reflecting on it and anticipating similar incidents going forward might see me react differently.
  3. Greenish

    Vacationing abroad on your own

    You're lucky, its a 10 hour flight for me to get to Europe. Where I'm from public transport isn't well developed so when I do find myself in an European city taking trains and ferries is an absolute adventure. I must say 14 days in one city was a bit much but you do get to see a lot and once...
  4. Greenish

    Who here really enjoys conversation?

    I struggle with conversation and need to know someone well before I'll sit down and really chat to them. Often people would walk up to me and try to initiate a conversation and I'll pretty much snub them with short sentences. It's only when I get home that I realize that I actually missed out on...
  5. Greenish

    Reasons to feel good

    A few years ago a local radio station had a daily slot where people could phone in and give reasons why they felt good. Perhaps we good start up a similar thread here. It could be anything from you watching your favorite movie, hubby surprising you with a gift or you getting a promotion at work...
  6. Greenish

    Vacationing abroad on your own

    I don't have anyone to go with me either and to be honest I prefer it that way. If you're on your own there is never a discussion about what to do next, you just go wherever you like. I also avoid being out at night but perhaps that's just silly. A while ago I read on a Facebook forum about...
  7. Greenish

    Vacationing abroad on your own

    I was just wondering if there are any other ALL users who travel to and explore foreign places on their own. Where have you been and what have seen and experienced? My last trip (sadly one of only a handful) was to Istanbul, a two week stay during which I often just found myself sitting in a...
  8. Greenish

    Hi Everyone ♡

    Hey Lynn. I just rediscovered this forum after 3 and a bit years of absence. Hope you find good conversation.
  9. Greenish

    Ideas for meeting people that don't include bars, clubs, or drinking?

    I've met people at art classes and by taking French lessons also by volunteering at the local Hospice. I've found that by pitching up and just going with the flow I eventually ended up connecting with someone. By just being some place and in the presence of the same people on a regular basis I...
  10. Greenish

    I can't make friends at work and it makes my days super hard

    Not having friends at work is often a blessing. Whenever I had friends at work it always turned sour after a year or so and work became unpleasant. You can be friendly with people there but there is a strong case for keeping your social life and work life separate and if you have a stronger...
  11. Greenish

    What online community have you been in the longest?

    For me its an online game. A lot of the interaction is through PM's or on a forum they have there. It's actually a nice community and many of the people have been on there for years.
  12. Greenish

    where is everyone from ?

    Sunny South Africa
  13. Greenish

    Anyone in their 40's?

    In my early 40's...I have a tough time making or keeping friends. Those that have been able to make friends are truly fortunate.
  14. Greenish

    Breaking point at work.

    Awesome news:)
  15. Greenish

    Anyone "normal" here?

    Glad to have you back Exasperated. It's not been my experience that people in urban environments have more option for interaction and socialise more. In fact they seem to have less time for others, relationships are more superficial and people more lonely. I've lived in both rural and city...
  16. Greenish

    Breaking point at work.

    A while ago I worked at a large multinational company. It was three years of utter hell with the most self-absorbed colleagues ever. Constant workplace bullying took its toll on me as well as my relationship with my family. I could not sleep and dreaded going to work, often calling in sick...
  17. Greenish

    friend from another country!

    This thread is too funny
  18. Greenish

    Everyday Things That Make You Happy

    Picking and smelling lavender. Oh, that first coffee in the morning.
  19. Greenish

    So how shitty is everyone's birthday?

    Birthdays aren't that big a deal anymore. I don't bother telling anyone and have even forgotten about it once. There's no point to it.
  20. Greenish

    What does 'good looking' mean ?

    For me it's about the way she carries herself. I worked with someone that I thought was absolutely gorgeous. Her smile, rosy cheeks the works. But she was most certaily not a bikini model. Slightly plump for want of a better word. The thing is she behaved like a lady. She treated everyone with...