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    My enemy is myself

    Prince was 5’2….. women threw themselves at him. Don’t worry about your height . Women are not that concerned about height as men might think . Other short but popular men - James Brown, Kevin Hart. There are many more I just can’t think of them now. So you don’t have to be tall or cute to be...
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    the last thing you ate

    Chili peanuts
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    Anybody here in their 60s and above?

    Hi Viking. Yes Eric the Red was a Norwegian Viking . Interesting. I used to live in NYC for over 30 years .
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    Anybody here in their 60s and above?

    Thank you Butterfly. Do people actually make friends here ; I mean friends to talk to outside of this forum , like on phone or zoom etc . ? It seems just like a sea of anonymous people. It feels overwhelming.
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    Anybody here in their 60s and above?

    Hi Viking King. Thanks. Are you a Viking ? I am a Viking too. Scandinavia.
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    Can you send private messages

    Ok. Thank you .
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    Can you send private messages

    To people on this forum?
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    Had enough of being lonely...I've somehow ended up living on my own.

    Hi. I can relate to what you say. I also never thought I would be in this position. I always had friends and family. Feels like I don’t know what happened to my life. It is a frightening feeling. Sometimes feeling like I am living in a nightmare.
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    Lonely in marriage?

    Hi. My husband (now x husband ) also had mental illness. (Bipolar ). Some similarities to your story. Eventually I had to force myself to leave (didn’t want divorce, but my life was hell ). I moved to another state where my parents lived to get as far away as possible for fear I would get sucked...
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    Anybody here in their 60s and above?

    Just found this website in desperate search for something , someone who is also alone. Someone to talk to about life And life’s ups and downs. I am 64. Last 3 years totally alone due to life’s circumstances and also social anxiety to seal the deal. I do have a few friends but they are in another...