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  1. Murakami_1

    I have some news

    Loneliness doesn't have a typical appearance. You can't judge anyone for what is going on in their heads. Everyone experiences different things in their heads, and you can't judge anyone for it. And it doesn't matter what you are going through, if you feel lonely, then you feel it. It's all...
  2. Murakami_1

    It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet..

    Welcome, hope you have a good time on the forum!
  3. Murakami_1

    What video game are you currently playing ?

    Cool!!! Here are some builds my friends and I worked on in survival!
  4. Murakami_1

    What are you listening to?

  5. Murakami_1

    What video game are you currently playing ?

    Blood & Bacon and I picked up minecraft again to play with friends
  6. Murakami_1

    What are you thinking right now?

    I need to sleep!!!!!! I dont need to do anything!!!
  7. Murakami_1


    I am glad, where too?
  8. Murakami_1

    It seems so easy

    omg no its fine :D
  9. Murakami_1


    Yeah it sucks :( for you as a kid too, but it's a good thing we can grow and learn from everything. From now on only good vacations right :p
  10. Murakami_1


    I dislike going on vacations with my family, this summer will be the last one. It gets soooo tense and stressful and arguments always arise. I feel so alone with my family. Only thing to combat it is to get away from them, but then I am not acting proper. Anyways I realised I cant go on...
  11. Murakami_1

    It seems so easy

    Hahhahaha then of importance to us both
  12. Murakami_1

    It seems so easy

    Thank you :) Your words might not seem important but it means a lot to me.
  13. Murakami_1

    say something positive about the last post'er

    Okidoke is the best ausyralian out there
  14. Murakami_1

    It seems so easy

    Because whn I go to b ed alone I feel miserabel wehn I isolqte myself I am miserbalw I jus t want peopl around me but it semes I'm not made for it Humans ar w social animals and i need it too but i feel wo out of place everywhere I cant just isolate myself for some rason and I keep trying to...
  15. Murakami_1

    I have some news

    I wish you a happy ever after :) Im glad you found your other half to spend your life with! Dont forget to power through.
  16. Murakami_1

    Count to a Million

  17. Murakami_1

    i can't take anymore

    That's sweet :)
  18. Murakami_1

    It seems so easy

    probably a mix between the two haha