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  1. Ignis

    Facing my fears

    The most important thing in overcoming a fear is the desire to want to overcome it in the first place. Due to some unfortunate events when I was younger, I developed Aquaphobia (The fear of water) that prevented me from doing literally anything to do with water. No baths, no showers, no...
  2. Ignis

    What are you thinking right now?

    I really hope all this effort is worth it.
  3. Ignis

    What are you listening to?

    Criminally underrated band from Japan, what an absolutely gorgeous song.
  4. Ignis

    Questions for the Men

    First, why is that your problem? Second, why should you have to put up with harassment because of him losing his job and not being able to provide for his family? There are other jobs out there anyway. Whatever comes from this is just desserts regardless, the actions that you take are the...
  5. Ignis

    Hi from London

    Welcome, hope you find some friends here. Very relateable, I'm a chronic workaholic. I prioritize work over pretty much everything in my life, so much so that it's become almost an escape for me from real life. I'll hide away from the scary stuff in life by just piling on more work. One of the...
  6. Ignis

    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    I don't think this is a men specific thing, I think you see it that way because of your attraction to the opposite gender. I would argue exactly the same thing of women, more than likely because of what I'm attracted to. Reality is that it's likely a human thing I think. Who you like is who...
  7. Ignis

    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    To be honest, probably not. You likely take care of yourself now in a way that you didn't back then, or you dress different, wear your hair different. You've taken steps that if you'd have done back in school would likely have a similar effect. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say after all. It...
  8. Ignis

    Questions for the Men

    Go to your boss. This is way worse than what I was thinking, this is almost textbook sexual harassment. Doubly so if you've even hinted at telling him to back off and he hasn't done so. It's not going to end well between you and him going to the boss and he's probably gonna say something along...
  9. Ignis

    Questions for the Men

    Flirtatious person... That's... Unfortunate in this situation. Still, my advice stands, you should absolutely be very forward with him and say that you're not interested in pursuing anything with him in a workplace, unfortunately you can't just go full scorched earth, since you work together...
  10. Ignis

    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    Thanks :) I like you as well. I am just a guy who comes through once every... What, 4 years or so? Posts some wisdom and then vanishes again. I mean glow ups are a thing, there were so many girls I knew when I was in high school that were... Okay, average, even below average and then after high...
  11. Ignis

    Questions for the Men

    You need to be forward with them, in the same way they're being forward with you. Boys are dumb, we can't pick up signals easily when you're not interested But, when the WORKPLACE gets involved, you REALLY need to be forward about it, especially because things can get pretty messy. Now there's...
  12. Ignis

    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    'Tis very unfortunate but it's something of a double standard (Not that I personally have that much of an issue with it, there are double standards everywhere). The conversation is always centered on women and the concept of purity but very rarely is it looked at from the other lens which is...
  13. Ignis

    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    I think there is a lot of truth to this. I mean, personal experience here (And yes, PEMN is certainly a thing but I'm not the only one to experience it) I had like a REALLY long dry spell between 23 - 30. The further I got from 23, the more women started to cautiously ask why? Is there...
  14. Ignis

    I feel like I have ran out of time

    So I had like... A bit of a meltdown when I was reaching 30 (I say a bit of a meltdown, but in truth I was like actively supernova for pretty much all of 29 - 30) I felt like I needed to have everything under control and sorted, I should have a house by now, I should be making more money by...
  15. Ignis

    What's the purpose of life ?

    The purpose of life as humans is to procreate. That is all we're here to do. Outside of that, it is totally on us. We are free to do with our life as we choose. So, for that reason, I say the purpose of life is to do whatever makes you happy and to enjoy YOUR life as best you can. Your life is...
  16. Ignis

    Am I The Bad Guy?

    Go to counselling with your father, or a Psychologist, or whatever... But do it together. I've had HUGE issues with my father throughout my teen years, into my early and mid 20's and he always assumed that I was the problem. For years, anytime we got into a serious fight, he would send me to...
  17. Ignis

    Chat room!

    I'd like to join, please.
  18. Ignis

    Tired of Being Single

    I'd just like to preface this post by saying I hope I don't come across as harsh or insensitive with anything I say because if I do, I didn't mean it. Getting into a relationship will not bring you out of your depression. I'm saying that because I was in the exact same position as you, granted...
  19. Ignis

    Dream girl as workout aid?

    I think it depends on how you go about it. If you're picking it up purely because you wanna talk to her, even if you have the sport itself... I think that's a problem, on the other hand, if you don't mind playing Tennis or you've thought about trying it, it's another avenue for getting the...
  20. Ignis

    Can loneliness be won?

    The only way you can lose to loneliness is if you give up. There is a battle against loneliness that many people fight, some people give up and accept it's their destiny to be alone forever, others continue to fight until they win. You're the master of your own destiny and you have control over...