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  1. 4No1

    I hate driving

    I don't mind it when the traffic is low or somewhere on a highway but I just hate driving in a city, in the jams. Half of the drivers do not care about the rules, turn left from the line 'only right', turn without showing it, parking anywhere they like and so on, some even don't let the...
  2. 4No1

    Anybody in IT?

    Just curious and want to share some experience. :rolleyes: I'm a developer and work on a small project and have no experience exchange at work. And I really miss this possibility to discuss smth in a field. I can a specific language(not popular outside my country), a little bit .net a liltte...
  3. 4No1


    How many languages do you speak? Are there any you would like to learn? Why do you learn them(if you do)? Will the computer-translates be so good in a few years that we won't need to learn languages at all, only for fun? What do you think? I can speak only russian and english and baby-level...
  4. 4No1

    Makeup. What do you think about it

    I accept makeup does matter in the modern world but for some reasons I don't like it at all (and manicure as well but that's mostly because I destroy it faster than make). I try to avoid it completely, I can use lip gloss or mascara when go somewhere where it's improperly to go without it(like...
  5. 4No1

    Friendship and singles

    I have the obessive thoughts and can't get rid of them. So I defentley need to share it with someone... Almost all my friends are not single and we sometimes go somewhere together. The 3-4 pairs and me. I'm always 3rd/5th/7th/2n+1th. There're a few such companies. Ok, I confess something's...
  6. 4No1

    Hi there

    Hi everyone. I'm not sure what to write there. And it's a little bit scarry. Well I'm from Russia (my English is not good and that's one more reason to be afraid to write here).  Actually my life is not so bad, I have a few friends, I have a parents and a kid, despite it I feel lonely.