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  1. Kristina

    Ah how I miss 2007 and 2008😭😭😭

    Why are those times gone💔 where is everyone 😢😢
  2. Kristina

    Birth defects miss carriages blood clots mRNA injection

  3. Kristina

    And never woke up

  4. Kristina

    What does he mean by that

  5. Kristina

    What a teansformation

  6. Kristina

    Um I don't know but what is that on him

  7. Kristina

    I don't want to think about anything..

    thoughts just bring me down making me sad and deoressed Trying not to think any thoughts at all. Is it possible
  8. Kristina

    Why isn’t there a like button for posts. Only report?

    I want to be able to “like” some posts. Can you add please. Thanks