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    What makes you happy?

    Reading a good book, I just finished "Holly" by Stephen King.
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    What are your favorite tv shows? What shows are you currently watching?

    Just finished watching the current season of "American Ninja Warrior (2023)"
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    what was the last movie you saw?

    Greenland (2020)
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    Movie Title game

    Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
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    Movie Title game

    "A Summer Place" which has the theme music by Percy Faith & his orchestra.
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    what was the last movie you saw?

    I saw the film Juno several years ago. Read that the female lead is now transgender, as she is now a he.
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    You sound like we were made from the same mold, as I'm also an avid reader, a major movie buff (3,200 films I've logged according to my spreadsheet) and yes, I'm 75 years old, otherwise I could never have watched that many films if I was your age. Just finished reading "Holly" by Stephen King...
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    List of what state everyone is from...

    Wolfbane4176, 75M, Oregon, USA
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    I Hate When People Say...

    So that being said, is there anything in your life that brings you some kind of pleasure. Reading, Role Playing games, etc. I'm retired so have 24/7 hours to fill with some kind of activity. Recently widowed, so no partner to share anything with, Just me and the family dog to keep me...
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    Why am I here?

    Sorry to read that nothing has worked out as you had hoped. What is your area of expertise, the skills you have acquired and the education you completed?
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    Hello Everyone, I am new here xx

    Welcome aboard, hope you find it interesting and worthwhile.
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    New member as of today.

    Mostly looking for new friends, as I have few. Hoping to discuss interesting topics and read about people's view points on various topics. I'm 75 years old, and live in Salem, Oregon. It would be great if some of the folks on here, live near me. I'm an avid reader, and currently reading...