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  1. XehanortXIII

    Can you solve these paradoxes?

    Why would they get you banned?
  2. XehanortXIII

    Just looking for someone to talk to

    HI! Thank you for welcoming me. I'm not done yet, I'm still living at my Dad's until I land a job. It's hard.
  3. XehanortXIII

    Can you solve these paradoxes?

    I want to have a relationship, but nobody I like wants a relationship with me I created standards of my own, but apparently I don't meet the standards of anybody I upheld my standards, but some people tell me to lower them I become as flexible as I can, yet nobody can be flexible for me I'm...
  4. XehanortXIII

    Just looking for someone to talk to

    Hi. I'm just... Trying to get to know people. I moved to a new city/country where I don't know anybody, and although I'm not necessarily shy, I am introverted. Can we talk?
  5. XehanortXIII

    The worst part of my Self-Esteem is the evidence backing it.

    Sure. I mean I can tell this story laughing now, it happened a long time ago. But it's undeniable that it serves as another brick in the wall that is the evidence working against me.
  6. XehanortXIII

    The worst part of my Self-Esteem is the evidence backing it.

    Well, experiences with women include but are not limited to being stood up in the altar as our wedding ceremony commences, leaving with who was said to be my "best friend" only due to him being wealthier than me.
  7. XehanortXIII

    The worst part of my Self-Esteem is the evidence backing it.

    I'm an atheist who, much like Ricky Gervais and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, only really believes in factual evidence. There were way too many moments in my life where I believed things at either face value or based on my personal faith in something - call it God at one point, "the Universe", my exes or...
  8. XehanortXIII

    My voice seems to be lost in the echo.

    Thanks man. Please show my reply to your wife and use it as reminder to her that she hasn’t an excellent husband, she made the right choice, your kids will Ben beautiful and adorable if you decide to have them, and if not, tell her I’d like you to be rewarded with the having a baby drill three...
  9. XehanortXIII

    What keeps you from getting your dream partner ?

    Perhaps there will come a time when someone senses what you're doing to yourself and will break those barriers. I hope it happens, for your sake. You deserve to be happy every bit as much as anybody else. I think it's my face. Some people think it's my attitude. My logical part of the brain...
  10. XehanortXIII

    My voice seems to be lost in the echo.

    When she left, after admitting she had lied about her feelings and her "love" towards me, the first thing I thought was "well, I guess now I just have to move on". We had been going on an off for a while now, but we had still been together for over 6 years. She was the love of my life. And I...
  11. XehanortXIII

    Tell us five random things about yourself...

    1. I'm in love with Music and can't do anything without it. 2. Cats are my favorite animals. All types of them. 3. I love cooking, specially if there's someone to cook for. 4. I love and appreciate Dark humor a lot, so long as it doesn't get out of control. 5. I tend to believe nobody...
  12. XehanortXIII

    The Persona Franchise

    Hey, all! I've recently been introduced to the Persona Franchise and I've gotta say, I really like it. I'm playing Persona 3, but I'd like to know if any of you could give me some pointers? The game itself feels so big and wide that I can't seem to find the way to go forward without feeling...
  13. XehanortXIII

    Greetings! Yet another Newbie here, hoping to make a connection.

    Hello! My friends call me Cam. I'm a Colombian who's struggling very hard with loneliness. I'm an English Teacher/Graphic Designer/Musician who loves Science Fiction, epic literature, Anime, Manga, Video-games and memes. In my culture, people like me aren't taken very seriously... Even if what...