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  1. StarDust

    How to put the past behind you?

    Downtime is a killer ☠ for me too! So, i set an action plan and stay focus on it. Realign myself. Take inventory on what works in my life (Tai Chi ☯️ Being in nature 🌲🌳 , quiet time 🤫) And always remind myself i am worth it ... so take care of myself and STOP 🛑 going on path that leads...
  2. StarDust


    Your pizza looks amazing as does the pan lasagna. I enjoy having home cooked meals. Like you, hate cooking for the family now as dealing with vegetarian, no dairy, no soy, no onions, no green pepper etc... How does one cook with out onion!
  3. StarDust

    song lyrics you feel like you can relate to right now...

    And I've been waiting so long for this thing to come Yeah, I've been thinkin' so long, I was the only one Roll out! Roll out with your American dream and its recruits I've been ready Roll out! Roll out with your circus freaks and hula hoops I've been ready
  4. StarDust

    Name Game!

    R o m e o ❤
  5. StarDust

    When was the last time..

    Tonight. When was the last time you screamed?
  6. StarDust

    In one word. Post your current mood.

  7. StarDust

    What are you thinking right now?

    Finished, we must be aligned in the stars! ⭐🌟⭐ I just logged on tonight after an extended absence. I wont ask if you missed me 😉
  8. StarDust

    What are you feeling, hoping, thinking, or remembering right now?

    I can see fine with the radio on, but ****, I have no peripheral vision while driving if I am wearing a hat 🤠
  9. StarDust

    Hi there

    Greetings, being same age, thought I would share how I handle my own situation... I am also 51, married for 20 years. I learned nothing more frustrating than trying to change people or have them respond to us in a different manner. I had accept the way my husband is (although I may not like...
  10. StarDust

    Hi from London

    Greetings Mr. Nero 🙂 I too am 20 years married and came to realize other than sharing a house, we have little in common 😕 what can we do? 🤔 I look at our relationship almost as a business partnership. Tackling issues in a diplomatic way. Think that is how all marriages end up after 20...
  11. StarDust

    Questions for the Women

    Could be some recent event has triggered those same emotions of the event in the past. Problem is, she is not identifying the current event.... she is just reacting to the emotions. Hope that makes sense... 🙄
  12. StarDust

    Let's talk about sex!

    Is there another kind? 🤔
  13. StarDust


    Yeah... outdoor concerts the best in my books. 🌲🌳🌿
  14. StarDust


    Depeche Mode is coming to Montreal 🎟🎶🎵 April 12. Last concert I been to was Styx. Tickets for Depeche Mode, at economy level 😕 , will cost about $150😲. I just heard about concert today and amazed how quick it is selling out ! I dont have much time to decide if I am going buy a ticket...
  15. StarDust

    What are you thinking right now?

    Perhaps baking an orange cranberry loaf to ensure I start the New Year with something tasty, sweet 😉
  16. StarDust

    The Confession Booth

    I confess I read more in this forum than I post - and feel guilty about it 😞
  17. StarDust

    I'm all worn out

    There is a big difference between Win7 and Win10 due to how the core OS functions. I would expect lot of complications in doing a downgrade 🤔 kudos to you on getting Win7 working. Curious did you format HD and start from scratch or do write over? I have little patience nowdays in doing...
  18. StarDust

    I'm all worn out

    I bought a refurb desktop computer on Amazon. Win10, flash HD equipped with HDMI 🖥 monitor, keyboard ⌨ mouse 🖱 for $300. Supports dual monitor so added my older DVI 🖥 monitor to have a snazzy dual display system. Flash drive so much more efficient than the disc drives.
  19. StarDust

    What can I do to find someone?

    Hi.... I have no experience in dating apps, and only know from what stories people tell me. I grew up and had relationships before internet. On that thought.... one would have social interaction with another prior to official dating. Thus... considering all negative reviews of dating...
  20. StarDust

    What are you thinking right now?

    There is ebay... but search the web. For relics there are many other sites... i've used and ecodepot