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  1. kaetic

    What made you laugh today?

    all those people just casually walking by, lol
  2. kaetic

    What are you thinking right now?

    Not sure why you think he should believe a **** word you say after all the lies you've been spreading around. So you aren't talking to the guy you screwed last night anymore? It's not even been 12 hours, you want a cookie? Consequences *****. Time to grow up.
  3. kaetic

    Anyone using Chatgpt on a daily basis?

    There was a similar app in Europe recently that some guy was talking to about climate change and it encouraged him to commit suicide. I think he did, but I'm also thinking there had to be more to the story than that... especially after editing my nephews college papers that were obviously...
  4. kaetic

    What are you doing right now?

    trying to come up with ways to use fresia and honeysuckle in a sentence, during my short breaks from spring cleaning
  5. kaetic

    say something positive about the last post'er

    Cherubino is a fresia-ing great picker of profile pics that aren't honeysuckle.
  6. kaetic

    What are you thinking right now?

    Ugh, spring cleaning is bs. I don't want to be a responsible adult anymore... anyone want to adopt me? edit* basically clean my apartment and cook for me...
  7. kaetic

    What are you thinking right now?

    Dance Moms... wtf...
  8. kaetic

    I’m moving to America

    Oh, and you have a decent chance of being shot pretty much anywhere in the US. ... wow I'm so optimistic today. :D
  9. kaetic

    I’m moving to America

    earthquakes and wildfires if you're talking about California Hurricanes if you're talking about Florida Though I'd prefer to take my chances on the earthquakes than have to evacuate whenever a big storm comes through.
  10. kaetic

    Keep one, Junk one

    Decisive Victory
  11. kaetic

    Keep one, Junk one

    Piano Bench
  12. kaetic

    what book?

    The Hobbit
  13. kaetic

    the last thing you ate

    Chipotle Burrito
  14. kaetic

    What are you listening to?

  15. kaetic

    Keep one, Junk one

    Nap time
  16. kaetic

    Keep one, Junk one

    great cost
  17. kaetic

    Occupations A-Z

  18. kaetic

    A-Z words ending in ST

  19. kaetic

    Occupations A-Z

    food critic
  20. kaetic

    What are you feeling, hoping, thinking, or remembering right now?

    I always think my eyes are going to pop out from blowing my nose too hard... That hasn't happened yet, but I have had to take steroids to fix my ears because I was congested so bad.