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  1. Meaw

    Coming out of the shadows!

    Welcome! ^_^ Very well done with getting clean! It's never too late until it is late enough that you're buried, and even if you may have done some things you don't like, you can still make the world a better place now. I hope you'll have a great time here :D
  2. Meaw


    Welcome! ^_^ I hope you'll have a good time around here, even if I'm not online as much anymore. You sound like a kind one, and I hope you find some way of shyly socializing :)
  3. Meaw

    Five Letter Anagram Switch

  4. Meaw

    The Fun I Hate Game

    I hate animal experiments.
  5. Meaw

    What do I even do with my life right now

    Have you thought about getting another dog? Not to squander the memories of the old ones, but to keep you going. You obviously have a lot of care to give to them, and they do have a lot of care to give to humans. As a cat I may be biased, but I will give credit where credit is due. Together, you...
  6. Meaw


    Welcome, Machinarium! I like your name, but then again, I like almost every name there is. It's one of my slightly unneccessary and also maybe a bit too strong interests, hehe :D I'm with Minus, it ain't clear why Tunisia would be a bad place to me. Well, it may be warm, but that's about it...
  7. Meaw

    word association game

  8. Meaw

    name the scientists !

    Margulis, Lynn
  9. Meaw

    Dear The Lonely

    Then I have succeeded, Wallflower. Just like you have. Again, thank you for sharing and good luck!
  10. Meaw

    Keep one, Junk one

    Blueberry jam
  11. Meaw

    Five Letter Anagram Switch

  12. Meaw

    word association game

  13. Meaw

    I'm 22 and can't even get a 16 year old girl to date me. I feel so pathetic.

    At her age... that'd be illegal where I am, at least. I get the feeling you have had quite a few of these infatuations and I somehow doubt a relationship would be special if it just stems from one of those happening to feel something back. I'm a bit too tired to explain it better as of now, sadly.
  14. Meaw

    Physical contact on first dates

    Clear enough of a message for me. Should be for the other ones too if even I get it :P
  15. Meaw

    Hey Everybody!

    Welcome! I hope you'll have a neat stay ^_^
  16. Meaw

    It's 1239 AM on a Friday..

    It's 03:20 in Sweden, and I'm halfways done cleaning kitchen half a week before I'll take off for a LARP. Favourite musician is (to no surprise) The Unguided, favourite song may be Inception by the same ones. I'd also like to find that relevancy. It's good at hiding.
  17. Meaw

    SIX Letter Words--A-Z

  18. Meaw

    Halloween Ideas, Take Your Mind Off Right Now

    A rock? Cool! I have so many ideas of "great" things to be, but they all take too much planning, time, energy, money or resources. A shame.
  19. Meaw

    Five Letter Anagram Switch

  20. Meaw

    Keep one, Junk one

    Garbage disposal