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    Isolation of Caring.

    So. In late 2021 my father passed away, and I found myself dropped in to the position of being the full time carer for my blind and disabled mother. Before this, I had been living alone for quite some time, and my relationship with my parents has never been good. There is no family that lives...
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    Discord makes me feel even more alone

    Yeah, I find the same thing, in a way, on all forms of social media. It seems to be a thing where you really have to have friends to make friends. I find that most people just won't even try to make an effort. Redit was suggested a few times, but I find it is exactly the same there. Huh, I think...
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    Falling out with people over your opinions.

    It’s not just politics and religion. I’ve found most people end a conversation if you don’t like the exact same music, movies, TV shows, food, ect ect, or disagree with them on anything at all, no matter how politely you may do it. Sometimes I think a lot of people really just want a clone of...
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    What lesson am I supposed to be learning from all this loneliness?

    I know a lot of people, here included, say that the lessons we learn from loneliness are to know, and love, ourselves. To be independent and not dependent on others. To find ourselves, and our own happiness, within ourselves. Now, to be honest, I am 46, I love myself just fine (only we, the...
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    Being forever single

    Yep. I mean, I guess I have felt for a while now that I won’t meet anyone on my own, it won’t happen “one day when I you least expect it”. Even my current therapist says that after all I have tried over the years, that what I really need is to have someone introduce me to someone. But I don’t...
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    Anything specific that turns you on or off in a potential partner?

    Turn offs: Lying, arrogance, lack of care and empathy, anyone who thinks they know everything just because they watched a youtube video or someone on ticktok told them so. People who can't accept different likes/dislikes and different opinions ... no, I am not very interested in music, but I...
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    What are some of the best dating sites for a shy loner?

    Unfortunatly, from my experiences, there are none. I have tried so, so many, from things like Bumble and Tinder, to eHarmany, Plenty of Fish, Silver Singles. And so on, and so on, and so on. They are all just full of scammers and cons, and bots. My therapist even suggested one, claimed she had...
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    How is it possible that people are still lonely in the Age of Zoom?

    Not everyone has someone to zoom/skype with, and not everyone is comfortable doing a video call with a total stranger. For me, there would have to be some feeling of connection and TRUST through text and DMs first, before I even contemplated a video call with someone. Not everyone finds that a...
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    How often do you shed a tear thinking about yourself or longing for something?

    A lot really. At this time of year it gets more. And worse.
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    What are you thinking right now?

    Right now, just wishing there was somewhere, online or off, where I felt like I fitted in and was accepted and had people to talk with. Everywhere I go I go alone and just find people so cold and uninterested in even trying to be friendly, and online every site, app, group I try is just a flood...
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    How alone are you?

    Don’t have friends. Not around where I live, and not even any online really. I’m not a loner, I have no desire to be alone, but just never find anyone to talk with, and nobody to connect with. Only seem to encounter scammers or people pushing their religious beliefs, and they are never tolerant...
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    When did you Realize you are Invisible to the Opposite Sex?

    Guess always have been, but probably didn’t really notice it until I started to be interested in girls, so, for me that was about age 6. But even then, for a long time, well through my teens and in to my twenties, I still believed it when people would say that there is someone for everyone, or...
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    What do YOU think would fix or at least help YOUR depression or other mental issues?

    Therapists I have been too, and there has been a lot, tend to only go by whatever their textbooks tell them. There is no consideration for the individual. It really has felt like it is quantity of people treated, rather than the quality of treatment. Sadly seems to be same on the internet...
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    Dating sites are depressing

    Kept hearing, seeing, and reading how this current pandemic was the best time to use the dating sites and apps. So I tried again. And again, not one conversation. Not one reply or response. Never met anyone from any of them, and I have tried most of them multiple times. First used online...
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    anyone else lost faith in people?

    Yes. I just find it funny (not in a good way though) how often I read or hear someone say that they like people who are different, who don’t follow the herd, and yet they will dismiss and reject those that are, no just go with people who are the same as everyone else. It is the same as when I am...
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    What keeps you from getting your dream partner ?

    Still this. Saw so much during this pandemic that people are more willing to reach out and talk. That it was a great time to use dating sites and apps, and Facebook groups and such.  But nope. Still just the parade of scammers and catfish, or people pushing their narrow religious views. Nobody...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    That I haven’t used this site for 3 months. Come on to check, and see 0 messages, as usual. Same pretty much as when I was using this place.
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    Over 30 and zero relationship experience?

    44 now and it is still the same.
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    anyone else lost faith in people?

    Huh, know what you mean. Have found any show of independent thought and opinion will bring a shitload of hate down. I call it the Facebook Mentality, where everyone must be agreed with for the sake of popularity.