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    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    Upon reading this I'm going to apologise to the entire forum for taking him seriously.
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    I'm a 31 year old guy, frustrated with being judged for only wanting to date younger women.

    Then you'd be leaping to conclusions and reaching an incomplete judgement. For starters, for religious reasons I'll be expected to marry and have children. A woman my age is going to have a harder and harder time doing that. I'm always going to have the feeling of missing out if I go with a...
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    Any thoughts on Andrew Tate?

    I haven't actually done any real investigation into the sex trafficking claims but doesn't it seem odd that a real sex trafficker would blast themselves all over Youtube and draw so much attention to themselves? I'd associate sex traffickers more with the darknet.
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    Any thoughts on Andrew Tate?

    I wonder if that's his reason for his conversion to Islam.
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    Any thoughts on Andrew Tate?

    Not a fan but I also think a lot of the "outrage" directed at him isn't for the ostensible reasons given but because everything he promotes in terms of men making money and sleeping with lots of women is actually what society values even if doesn't want to admit it. He held up a mirror to people...
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    Can't stop bringing up ugly experiences from the past and it's ruining my social life

    Everyone commits social foe pars sometimes, just try and learn from it. If you find it difficult to stop maybe try and remind yourself that by bringing these things up with new people, you're potentially letting those people from the past rob you of a better life now.
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    Signs you got over text someone wasnt interested in you.

    I don't look for signs they aren't interested, if there aren't signs that they *are* interested than that is all I need to know they aren't.
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    Falling out with people over your opinions.

    I honestly wrecked most of my 20s using social media this way. I think ADHD people and people with some similar conditions in particular need to be careful with how they interact with social media. Not using that as an excuse, just explaining how it did me a lot of damage socially and cost me a...
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    Being forever single

    Being quite close to that position of the 30 yo you describe, I absolutely get it but I still you're actually overthinking it in reality. If you can attract someone in the moment they won't automatically know these things and you can still start to get experience.
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    Being forever single

    I dont think being a man in your mid 30s and having a sexual experience with an early to mid 20s woman will feel any less enjoyable than it would have if you were in that age range yourself. I do think the lack of experience could present challenges but even pornstars get performance anxiety. I...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    Him trainwrecking it in to oblivion would be a success in my mind. I despise that platform.
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    No relationship prospects.

    Do you need to limit yourself to people your age? Could you go younger?
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    What life lessons did you learn the hard way?

    Do not concentrate on the negative and dont magnify it all over social media like someone with no emotional intelligence. Wasted some really good years with this and boy has it been hard to play catchup and turn things around.
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    Questions for the Women

    Hey I was responding to someone else who responded to my question but quoted you by mistake so my bad.
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    Questions for the Women

    Hey dude, I dont mean to be rude and please don't take this as an attack on you but I asked this in the "questions for women" thread because I wanted to see what women would write back about it, not men. I do appreciate you putting some time into your answer though.
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    Questions for the Women

    If a man is willing to play the traditional male role or at least improve himself to the point where he is able to, do you think it's chauvinistic or unreasonable for him to expect a woman who can play the traditional female one?
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    Questions for the Men

    I hate to say it but if she wasnt willing to stop doing it then it's going to put a lot of strain on things. I just don't like the ripped look on girls at all.
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    Are fat people allowed to have standards?

    Bingo. Best post in the thread.
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    Are fat people allowed to have standards?

    Really? Naive people are more likely to attract predators because who do predators target the most?
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    Anyone get depressed looking at old content on the internet?

    100% cos I wish I could go back to then and redo stuff.