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  1. Zardozi

    Desire for revenge?

    Hope it's okay to bump this thread after no-one has posted in it for six years. I'm glad this thread exists. I thought I might have to make it myself. Thoughts of revenge have been a central theme of my entire life, I have struggled with urges since adolescence, I've had a strong desire to get...
  2. Zardozi

    Is there a fictional character you relate to?

    I'm not sure if a thread already exists for this. I tried searching and couldn't find anything so I figured I'd start one, I reckon there are some people who probably find themselves relating to a fictional character, or maybe several. I've watched a lot of movies and cartoons over the years...
  3. Zardozi

    I've always been the odd one out.

    That's awesome you listen to those artists, I've listened to some of those too, they're pretty good. There's some I'm unfamiliar with; Underworld, and Agnes Obel. I'm always looking for new music to listen to so I'll check them out when I can. :) I looked through my collection and I have two...
  4. Zardozi

    I've always been the odd one out.

    Thanks! That's really good to hear, and I can relate to that - my music correlates with my mood so much. I like all sorts of music but there are a select few artists I really love; Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Burial, just to name a few electronic...
  5. Zardozi


    The concept of suicide is something I have thought about a lot - it crosses my mind nearly every day and it's more intense during my bouts of depression. I have a hard time imagining myself actually going through with it, though. I don't necessarily want my life to end, but rather, I want my...
  6. Zardozi

    I've always been the odd one out.

    Very sound advice. Thank you so much for writing this. It's true that I very often compare myself to others, and make assumptions about them - that because they are hanging out with friends they must have a good life, and that makes me feel terrible about myself. That is a vicious cycle I need...
  7. Zardozi

    I've always been the odd one out.

    Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. I have been feeling a little better today, and that's in part to reading some of these posts. I appreciate it. I think I will hang around here. One thing I have gradually learned throughout my time on this Earth is that life is unfair - never was, never...
  8. Zardozi

    I've always been the odd one out.

    Hello. I'm going to keep my introduction short and concise. I've joined this forum in hopes of reaching out to other like-minded people who share the same pain as me. I have been socially isolated for most of my life. I'm 24, and have little to show for it - I have practically no friends, I...