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  1. Cataplasme

    You know you're getting old when

    People you knew from highschool have children or are getting married.
  2. Cataplasme

    How many countries have you visited?

    Only four : England, Italy, Germany and USA (Chicago). I wish I could travel more. It would be easier if I had a friend to travel with me or to visit. I'm scared of going somewhere alone where I don't know anybody.
  3. Cataplasme

    Can anyone else here honestly say that they don't have a single friend

    I have two friends but one is my ex-boyfriend so it is difficult. And I used to not have a single friend, so yes, it is possible. I am not good at socializing or even making acquaintances I can hang out with or whatever. I mostly hang out with my brother.
  4. Cataplasme

    What are you thinking right now?

    It's going fine, I got a new job ! I tried to socialize but people speak too close to my face and it makes me uncomfortable. And for you ?
  5. Cataplasme

    Breaking point at work.

    I had a breaking point at uni and stop going. I started to have a breaking point at my old job but it was near the end of my contract so it was ok. I think you should try to find another job before being very depressed and just not be able to work at all anymore. For me it was very hard to do...
  6. Cataplasme

    what was the last movie you saw?

    Gone Girl. It's not the kind of film that I would rewatch but I liked it. There was something theatrical about it. And I liked the ending contrary to lot of people (it seems).
  7. Cataplasme

    What Song Is Stuck in Your Head Right Now?

    Look who's back (back), back again ! OH OH OH !
  8. Cataplasme

    Give a random piece of advice

    When you have greasy hair and don't want/can't wash them and have to go out, just wear a hat. When baking cake for other people, you can had popping sweets for surprise effect !
  9. Cataplasme

    Is anyone a vegetarian?

    I am not. I tried younger (for quite some years) and still ate fish... I think I should be, I wish I was feeling more bad for eating meat. Now, that I have anemia it might not be the right time to try again though. Soon, we will all eat soylent green anyway so we won't have to worry about the...
  10. Cataplasme

    What are you thinking right now?

    It sure been a long time... Maybe I should give it another try. Who knows ? Hello !
  11. Cataplasme

    Hello there.

    Late thank you Lonelyfairy and Peaches. Even though I am not really there anymore. Cheers Peaches ! I like your profile picture as well !
  12. Cataplasme

    How do you keep your things organised?

    I have a special drawer where I put everything I don't know where else to put them.
  13. Cataplasme

    What time did you get out of bed today?

    19:00... honeysuckle... How did I even get to that point ?
  14. Cataplasme

    What are you feeling, hoping, thinking, or remembering right now?

    Are we falling appart ? Do you miss me sometimes ?
  15. Cataplasme

    THIS or THAT

    Hum... being spooned ? It depends by who though. Thunder or snow ?
  16. Cataplasme

    Have you ever...

    If you me driving a car then no because I have never driven (yet), but I did talk to myself while riding a bike. Have you ever licked your elbow ?
  17. Cataplasme

    So what do you want, RIGHT NOW?

    More ice-cream ! Or money so I can get it delivered right now !
  18. Cataplasme

    If you could...?

    I think it depends if I get to have the person abilities for a day as well. If so, I would chose someone very smart/talented like a brilliant scientist or artist if not someone very rich and famous to see how it feels like.
  19. Cataplasme

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    Just finished 400g of vanilla-choco cookie dough ice-cream. I'm hyper, too much sugar. I regret NOTHING. I want more, MOAR !