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    Would a real friend tell you to cheat on your husband?

    Hi Luna: You are absolutely correct! she is of poor character bad beliefs. She has cheated on her husband. Thanks so much for your warm words. My husband and I are working on our married. He plans on cutting his work hours so he can be home more.....Thanks again.
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    Would a real friend tell you to cheat on your husband?

    I am lonely and my husband ignores me most of the time. So a good friend advise me to cheat!!!! Which I DO NOT PLAN ON CHEATING ON MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!! Would a real friend tell you to cheat on your husband? What kind of a friend advises you to do wrong?? a jealous friend maybe?
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    I can relate to you...I have no financial problem, I am married with 2 kids, I have no major problems in my life, but I don't feel any happiness. It may be chemical imbalance try taking meds.... it worked for me.
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    Married and Lonely seeking friends

    Thanks 'Lonesome Crow' thats some really sound advice.... don't know if it gonna work but I will give it a try again, again, again, and
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    I hate people that go on about how they consider their friends to be "family"

    I had freinds like that we were so close like family, but when my life got better than hers it became a competition. Love yourself and others will follow...
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    Need Real Friends!!

    I am so lonely....I do not have ture friends only users. They are only nice to me because what I can do for them and what I could give them. I am tried of being used I want true friends in my life. I am seeking freindship please reach out someone I like to talk and I am a good listener....
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    Hi All I'm a Newbie on Here

    I understand your pain as I can relate to it..... I had plenty friends who liked me, but since I married my rich husband all are now jealous, and insecure. Always trying to put me I am lonely without true friends....
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    I need friends to talk too. Can someone please be my friend...... I am so alone! I would to talk on the phone.
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    What makes you happy?

    Most happiness comes from within but, - love from my family - eating BBQ ribs - great sex - having fun with my friends - dancing to good music - smoking a cigar This is what makes me happy!
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    Married and Lonely seeking friends

    Getting a job is not an option right now, due to the fact that I have two small children. Daycare cost are outrages where I live. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Married and Lonely seeking friends

    Hey ledchick...thanks which forums are best to find friends?
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    I want a friend. :/

    I will be your friend (smile)
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    Depressed and Lonely

    I have plenty money and I am still depress, but I fill empty
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    Married and Lonely seeking friends

    Yes, I have told my husband this many and plenty times and he will make an effort for a short period of time to intereact with me, then eventuallly it always go back to the same thing . Me being ignored most of the time. I am tried of being alone I don't work, I don't have any real friends.
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    Married and Lonely seeking friends

    Hi All, I am a 35 yr old female and I am married. I am very lonely and depress. I know some of you would say...if you are married then why are you's because my husband is not married to me but he is married to his JOB! He spends more time there than with me. When he is home he does...
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    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site. I found it becuase I am lonely also. Most people would refer to me as married and lonely. I am female and I live in the south. I had many friends at one time in my life, but really true friends no longer exists in my world. I think they all went away out of...