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  1. kookieOreo1

    What are you thinking right now?

    I think this is the end for me... 💔
  2. kookieOreo1

    Talk...or don't

    Thank you! It was just a lot... a shocking event happened to me that made my anxiety worst... and now I feel like no one can see that I am not truly okay... i felt like I should be okay and moved forward like what everyone told me to do.. but it wasn't easy. Some days I am okay, then somedays i...
  3. kookieOreo1

    What are you thinking right now?

    Like you, I will never understand how they can do it... The pain they cause lives within you, and they expect you to be okay and forget it. I always tried to be the bigger person and just understand where they coming from.. maybe the attachment style issue.
  4. kookieOreo1

    Talk...or don't

    I've been thinking about my purpose here.... it is getting bad; Every day I am hoping that this pain goes away.... I am tired, everything is on my shoulders. My chest felt so tight this past few days.
  5. kookieOreo1

    Chat room!

    Please send me the link again! it didn't work for me.
  6. kookieOreo1

    Loneliness vs isolation.

    The worst part is, you are not single and yet you feel lonely... finding out lies after lie... I'm literally at my breaking point. 💔
  7. kookieOreo1

    How has your day been?

    It's quite okay, I suppose... for the first time, I don't have energy to fight... to argue, I just nod and did what I said, I will do. I don't feel the urge of responding anymore.
  8. kookieOreo1

    What drives you crazy

    When I am anxious or stressed, I ate a lot... ugh:cautious::cautious::cautious:
  9. kookieOreo1

    The pain lives in you... it files up.

    When I think about what you said, I wish it was so easy... I did accept the pain, i got angry... pity, doubted and hated myself. But I can't help it, its my way to protect my heart. I accepted the apology, the explanation/reason, the pain... I can feel it, it's not the same anymore. i can feel...
  10. kookieOreo1

    Chat room!

    Me too! I would like to join the chat
  11. kookieOreo1

    What are you thinking right now?

    What am I thinking right now? How can I control my feelings, I felt anxious from time to time... and the event that happened a month ago, is creeping on me. I hate the feeling of it, the person who was my safe place was the one who hurt me, and the pain is unbearable, I still cry and i am going...
  12. kookieOreo1

    The pain lives in you... it files up.

    I heard a quite times how naive I am. I am not a naive person, I always try to analyze the situation, and look for something good in the most hardest situations or persons. I've experienced getting betrayed with, for me, that was the worst experienced I've ever had. It's not something that you...
  13. kookieOreo1

    What life lessons did you learn the hard way?

    Not everyone has the same heart as you. That it's okay to express if you got hurt, it's okay to feel weak and be vulnerable. It's okay to cry or scream and let the pain gets out.
  14. kookieOreo1

    Anyone ever get depressed after getting the exact result you wanted?

    Hi there! My partner and I had a very roller coaster month. A lot of things did happened through out our years being together. My partner never stop showing how much he cares or love me. I always noticed if there's changes into his actions... I don't know how many people believe in intuition, i...
  15. kookieOreo1

    What are you thinking right now?

    What I am thinking right now? I am thinking how to stop this pain, I am not good enough, I am just here because I am the easiest option. I'm tired