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  1. 7773er

    Any females in UK?

    Looking to chat to any decent ladies in the UK. I am up in Lincs but travel around a fair bit. I don't really go out, I am a bit of a recluse.
  2. 7773er

    Just want to chat

    What age of person you want to chat to?
  3. 7773er

    Hi all

    Hi all, I new here and my name is Andy. I am 42 years old and live in the UK and Singapore. I find it hard to make friends or blend in and this leads to intense loneliness :(
  4. 7773er

    is it me?

    I feel the exact same as you twinkle, I find it hard to blend in to most groups. I am alienated from most of groups and I have virtually no friends. I don't feel I am evil or bad I never understand why I can't get on with people :( If there is a group of people chances are they will all end up...