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  1. loketron

    Game -Guess something about the next person

    Nah, I don't fell well. Its my tummy. how did you know!!?!!?!! the next person is left handed and in there right mind.
  2. loketron

    So what do you want, RIGHT NOW?

    Don't ask me what I wan't. matters of the heart are to hard to explain. I want her to stop and think about what shes doing.
  3. loketron

    What are you thinking right now?

    your never going to call me are you? As soon as you move and you got your stuff separated from me and yourself together its *poof* gone for good huh? I hope not. I cant stand by forever but I can hope for the best cant I? I Still want you to be my Plan-A and not just a day dream. Please come...
  4. loketron

    Who's Fridge Is This?

    Thats right Mr. Vader, all the beer.
  5. loketron

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    Nothing yet, but as soon as break time comes i'm going for coffee and doughnut time! its my new late break tradition at work! yeaaa!
  6. loketron

    In one word. Post your current mood.

    so so so down.
  7. loketron

    I love you... too?....hahaha welcome to the forum friend.
  8. loketron

    What are you doing right now?

    Im staying up late night watching my new favorite show Rick and Morty. Wondering if i'm too old for cartoons but they curse and drink beer so its ok. Get your honeysuckle together Loke. [video=youtube]
  9. loketron

    What are you thinking right now?

    I don't feel right. I don't like this new life I've given myself. I wanna go home.
  10. loketron

    In one word. Post your current mood.

  11. loketron

    What are you thinking right now?

    Case of the Mondays. shouldn't have had taco bell. now im going to have gas at work all night. ewwwwww. Im lonely.
  12. loketron

    Count to 20 before a Mod resets.

  13. loketron

    So what do you want, RIGHT NOW?

    I want Eliraven to have her wish. hahaha
  14. loketron

    What made you smile today?

    seeing someone nice. until I made it uncomfortable. then it was not nice.
  15. loketron

    what did you do today?

    Got confused again. like Rachel and Ross, will they wont they JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND YOU TWO!! at least I don't think I'll get the head spins tonight at work. *sigh*
  16. loketron

    What are you thinking right now?

    I think Callie really cares :rolleyes::rolleyes: you have a nice presence on ALL
  17. loketron

    Happy Birthday cumulus.james !

    Happy Birthday Hope it was a good one. :D:D
  18. loketron

    Trying to save a 5 year relationship.

    omg i'm afraid to say more but more has happened. i'm so selfish.
  19. loketron

    'The Internet' - it died!

    and to think with the power of the world at my finger tips all I really want to do is watch blooper vids on youtube and look at cat pictures. at least while my life is in shambles a place like this exist for me to vent a little steam off and get some human interaction. hopefully in the future I...
  20. loketron

    ALL's own LOLCATS thread

    my all time favorite