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    Boyfriend has low self esteem and has never had friends

    It's my understanding that the boyfriend actually wants friends himself.
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    Unanswered Prayers?

    I can't say I know what the pastor was thinking, but that's not what I would have thought. I could only speculate. In my faith, we believe that babies are innocent, and if they die, they go to heaven (not somewhere else), and they can have eternal life (so, it's not the end). That's what I...
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    Hi, I'm New

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    THIS or THAT

    Bangkok. I love Thai food. Roses or sunflowers?
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    Unanswered Prayers?

    Sometimes all it takes is time to get answers to prayers. Sometimes a lot of time. Sometimes, changing the focus of our prayers helps. Sometimes, finding just the right thing to pray for helps. Anyway, I'm not saying you have to believe, but in my faith, believing (strongly) is generally seen...
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    Fictional Characters A-Z

    Dory, from Finding Dory.
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    I need your help

    I can relate to some of what you say. If you can't talk to her, my advice is to do something else. Maybe give her a friendly present or something. Make her some brownies. Let her know she's appreciated, without pressure (and without making it about her looks; that's a turnoff to some people...
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    Cat Person or Dog Person?

    I'm a cat person.
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    New member

    Many people are friends with inspirational quotes that help them throughout their lives.
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    New member

    You can rely on anything. Whether or not you should rely on it is another matter. Same for sharing thoughts. Same for spending meaningful time with. If it doesn't reject you, that can be as good as acceptance. A friend is someone who picks you up when you're down. A friend is fun and...
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    Your Favorite old song (before 2000 prefereably)

    Back then, my favorite song was I Love You Always Forever, by Donna Lewis.
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    Any college students?

    Nope. I did go to about four years of college, though, but I didn't graduate, as I didn't have a way to pay for it anymore (and quite frankly, it seemed to be destroying me). Don't let four years of college deceive you (I wasn't close to graduation). I mostly just took classes that interested me...
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    Are there any weird smells that you actually like?

    Fresh gasoline. Rubbing alcohol.
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    Favourite childrens tv shows

    I liked basically all cartoons, but my initial favorites were My Little Pony (the first one) and GI Joe.
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    Hello from Hailey

    You were here first, but welcome to the forum! :)
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    New member

    Hi. I just found out about this forum. I asked an AI for recommendations for something or other (I forgot what), and one of the recommendations was this site. Anyway, I love forums and interacting socially with others via writing. So, I'm mostly here to socialize, because it's a wilderness out...