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Top 5 Sanest People on Lonely Life Forums
let me ponder further and i will get back to you. i just might make the list myself.
Let me know if you start an insane list. I'd like to make the top 3 if possible. Find me a judge to bribe, just in case!
top 5 insane list would attract an immediate ban whereas this one should last at least 18 hours before a ban is issued.
Have you even considered the lasting effects of the people who isn't on this list, will have? How insecure and fragile many members are here?

Well, I just hope you don't put yourself on the list. You felt compelled to voice yourself without even trying hard. Hmm, if a non-sane person created such a list, does it still make it tangible? Or is it just bias? Just like your list from earlier of people and hypocritically claiming the same about moderators.

Because starting a thread lazily without the actual content and making it for pure speculation, while intentionally stirring things up constitutes as a form of sanity? A lot of your behavior is not funny or cute anymore to most here. If that is in fact your true nature, find a different way of expressing it please. Because I think you forget you are doing that among-st the very broken and most fragile demographic. here. Otherwise, personally, all I see is ego bruising and retaliating bitterness lately.

Content and non-toxic discussion is what makes things more positive, productive, and open to discussion. Not threads with a single sentence and underlining emotions to draw attention. It appears you want the good and bad attention. Almost as if you want to purposely provoke people and gain allies to form some kind of revolution here or validate your view point. The irony of expecting change out of something when someone isn't willing to do the same.

Just so we're even more clear that we are not on the same page anymore; You probably forget, I defended and enjoyed your humor and change of pace on here, once. Now I just see I was mistaken about you as you continue to let your distaste here be known while trying to hide your feelings behind it as if you're entirely right without a fault.

I forsee this thread being closed fairly soon and I 100% agree with such a decision from moderators. Stop taking things wrongly when people just don't want any trouble.
Im tempted to put siku on. He really knows how to make a person feel guilty and his writing is pretty orsum. He might go on my top 5 high moral grounders though. Hes real sunsetive. He is just what this forum needs. Humourless. Fits in perfectly.
Ive lasted about 5 hours now?
Here are some nominees:
[Image: dzelx3s.png]
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Thanks Rodent. Food for thought. I will look over their posts and see if I agree with you. Thanks for the input.
Forgive a brief serious tangent here.
But what is sanity though?
How do I stay sane?
As a Christian I stay sane by not taking myself too seriously. Nor this life.
I had a little problem at work yesterday. It was on my mind for a while. if I continue to let it bug me I will be heading toward the insane direction.
My advice to me is don't let my mind focus on one thing for too long.
part of me might feel some guilt for starting this thread. But life is too short. If I am going to worry whether people are offended by what I say I may as well stop expressing myself altogether.
Insanity is non self acceptance. Rejecting the self. But as far as a Christian is concerned "the self" is very different to what we think it is. The true self is not the ego but someone or thing much deeper.
So don't take things personally siku and others. You are not who you think you are. You are much much more. Find that real person underneath the façade you put on here. We are all wearing masks and we might not even realise it. The mask is not you.
Man I get deep sometimes!
Would like to nominate myself.
Happiness is a false God.

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