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Planning a Suicide
Okay, first off, a disclaimer. While i do have the occasional suicidal thoughts due to my condition, i have absolutely no plans of killing myself. I am not attempting to glamorize the act or take away from the seriousness of the topic in any way. If you or someone you care about is considering it, please seek help immediately. Now onto the post.

Have you ever thought about actually planning suicide?. Because when i did, i found out its more complicated than it seems. You see suicide is seen as a way out isnt it? but when you get down to actually planning your suicide, a number of complexities show up. 

For example, doing it in my room with a knife or by overdosing on some pills. That does not work because some one will eventually find me and i do not want to traumatize said person by having them discovering my dead body. So that option is outta the picture. I can throw myself off of a roof or jump off a bridge, again the same problem, someone will see me doing that and be traumatized so thats a no go. I can get a gun and shoot myself someplace, again same problem. 

So this got me thinking, what would be the best way to end my life while not traumatizing anybody? The answer is to die saving someone else's life. Like pushing someone out of the way of a moving vehicle or taking a bullet for someone or donating vital organs to someone with a terminal condition or by enlisting in the police force and taking on dangerous missions. Cause if i am going to die, i might as well benefit the world before going.

This raises another question though, if i get so down to the point where i am seriously considering ending my life, would i even be able to think outside of myself enough to consider any of these options? or would i crave something more immediate?

Anyway, i just wanted to share my thoughts. Feel free to delete this post admins if it defies any of the forum guidelines.

Thank you for reading.

I'm not so sure having a thread that gives methods of suicide on a forum like this is the best idea in the world.
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