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Being falsely accused of did it make you feel ?
Just came out of a relationship which lasted for 7 years...half way through my ex partner chose to split up with me ( i was 3 months pregnant with our daughter ) and have fun with another woman . Somehow we got back together ( big mistake ) just before our daughter was born. For the next 3 years and a half we had our ups and downs but never thought i ll end up living a nightmare.
A month ago , he decided, i cheat on him...It didn't matter that it was absolutely untrue, and there was no evidence; he has imagined it, so it was totally real to him. So real, that he started to make up all these horrible stories about me.
I have to mention that all these years we were together i was working ( still working ) like a slave ( had times when i was working 6 days out of seven, heavily pregnant or more recently, 55-60 hours per week ) ... I always been the only one who done the housework - cleaning, washing, cooking , baking, ironing, shopping - and looking after our daughter. For a month now, i go through the lowest time of my life...he managed to destroy me emotionally and mentally...kept insisting i have to confess when actually i haven't done anything...i offered him the chance to save our relationship...counselling , lie detector, offered him the chance to check up mobile phone and landline bills, check my iPad, PC, my email, Skype account or Facebook account...His answer was NO...because he knows better...i challenged him to bring me the evidence and he never done it... He pulled me down with false accusations and tried hard to hold my head high and walk past him.It's a damnable thing, but the truth always has a way of coming to the surface...i really hope so...

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Being falsely accused of did it make you feel ? - by Cosmicblue - 07-08-2014, 07:49 AM

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