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What the eff is wrong with me? This topic touches on ocd. Depression. Avoidance
Lonliness causes all sorts of sensitivity. I even think its responsible for my ocds and depression or at least it excabertaed it and made it worse. Today the mailman who I rareley see. Who I am not particularly fond if his conversation style. Speaks in a very loud tone ny style manner. See me and is like. Almost yelling. " did you get contacts "? I used to always see you with glasses..i still do wear glasses. But never wore them that often I have a habit pf taking them off when in-doors. Now..? This is also part of my avoidant personality that his benign comment bothered me so much. A. I never liked conversing from him. B. A part of me is tryjng to escape bad habits and places that I felt used to bring me down or bothered me which is one of the places I used to see the mailman a coffee shop. Over the years i became so painfully oversenstive and sick with ocds and avoiding places amd situations as to not see the same people that O attribute my stangnet and lonley life to. That when I do see that person and have no choice but to interact with them it sorta like gives me a flahback and brings me back to an unhealthy feeling.

So what I am getting at here and just to let you all know I am not under the care or getting any professional help at the moment. But Is it possible to get well, amd better when living in a environment that seems very detrimental to my well being. I.e home. Neighborhood.?
Because I am clearly not well if a comment from a mailman throws me off and irks me to such a degree .
So what is the solution to elleviate all this negative thinking?


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What the eff is wrong with me? This topic touches on ocd. Depression. Avoidance - by Restless soul - 09-08-2016, 02:26 AM

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