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Change of job/moving
Hey Wildrice,

The type of change you talk about is one that scares me greatly and odly enough also feels exciting, I haven't changed my job or or moved ever, except out of my mothers home to my own place. I have often thought about how I might experience such a change and always think it would be good for me, moving to a different place with new people, changing jobs and being forced into a new social environment. I've never taken the step though because of fear of the unknown, of stress and of ending up in a job that I don't like or with colleagues that don't accept me the way I am.

The fact that you've done this once already and came through will probably help you a great deal, you know what to expectand for the most part what to watch out for, the uncertainties you talk about are ofcourse something that brings allot of stress with it, they are known encertainties and maybe that gives you the oppertunity to takle them beforehand.

Do the best you can and let things go if they are out of your control, take time for yourself to unwind and relax.
Best of luck and hang in there!

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