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It's sukkot
It's succot (it looks better than with kays in Portuguese and Latin... Though I'm writing in English.)

You know from the early centuries (like the fourth, since the institutionalization of Christianity by Rome) they considered it a heresy for Christians to celebrate the feasts? Despite the fact they were instituted by Moseh... Which is insane. But they had a lot or problems with Jews, those Romans... Even after (theoretically) becoming Christians (which is questionable.. that they did; to me they only adopted the nomenclature, but never understood the Christ).

A bracket here. The 'Christ'. I'm translating a gospel. The gospel of 'Mark'. From the Latin translation, though I have to go to the Greek text a lot. Not because of the text, I mean, not because of the stories. No, the Latin version of the story is pretty ipsis litteris... No, I have to go to the Greek and to the Hebrew to translate the things that Hieronymus (Jerome) didn't translate from the Greek. (Because, you know, he spoke Latin, and the Romans were pretty used to keep a lot of Greek words in their speech...) Such as 'christ'. We should say the "annointed one". There's a list of words in Greek in the Latin text which he simply left in Greek. From baptism and baptist to demon... There's one he translated, though, that we don't: he did translate pneuma. He used the Latin word spiritus. We though should say breath. This was not his fault though. He did translate. But another thing that was his fault: he translated names, proper names. Mark in Greek was Markos, he used Latin Marcus (which was somewhat expected, all right)... In Latin you kind of have to translate the names. So, now I have to go back to the original names, because we don't speak Latin anymore, and declension doesn't make any difference. (...) Close bracket.

But it's succot. Which means I should be sleeping in a tent for the week. This time I haven't raised the tent over my bed. But I am sleeping on the sleeping bag. I wasn't going to, but I couldn't not... And I decided to read the little book about the s'abbath that I can't find the will for reading in my ordinary days.
Hello. I'm Gustavo. (If you call me Gus, it's all right too.)

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