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Worse situation possible...
Okay so idk where to start...
My gf recently cheated on me, but I believe it was all a mistake.

A few months ago, we weren't at a good point in our relationship. Her mother hated me and wouldn't allow us to be together, so I barely got to see her. She does have a history of cheating, but she never had any problems untill this since we've been together, and I know for a fact she LOVES ME. She started becoming friends with this one kid, and one night they were both at a party and she had never drank a lot before, and they ended up having sex. She didn't invite me to the party cause the night before I told her not to drink too much, and she thought that meant I wouldn't drink at all. I found out about what happened and broke up with her.

She cried every night that we weren't together, so I finally got back with her, thinking I'll give her a chance. We've been finding ways to hang out. Everything has been perfect... More than perfect, which is the problem. I don't feel like I can ever trust her again, and I already had trust issues. She talks about how we're going to be together forever and have kids, but idk if I want that after what happened. Which sucks because we are amazing together, she takes care of me like there's no tomorrow, and is really nice to me.

What should I think? What do you think?
what you should think? i dont know, but for me, i would be over. i mean i could get over my girl kissing with some1 else but having sex is too far for me. so if i was in your shoes it would be over, no matter how much it would hurt me. but then again thats what i would do...
well... if you don't mind me asking, how old are you guys??
i'm 22 and have been with the same person for 6 years. i cheated on him once while we were still dating. he'd left me to come to the uk, and we were trying this 'long distance' nonsense. i'm not proud i cheated, but eversince we got married 3 yrs ago, i havent been with another man. but i still think about other men and what my life could've been like if i'd just lived my life and gone out with more guys instead of settling down with him.
i know they say once a cheater always a cheater ... there is an element of truth in there though it might not apply to everyone. see, if i was with a guy who fulfilled me, i wouldn't even be thinking of other men. but i do.
and i apologise if this sounds harsh... but i think it is possible that her being so sweet and so nice to you, is just a projection of her inner guilt.
i'm not tryna say that she's gonna cheat again... i just tried to give you a different perspective on things, for whatever it counts? Wink
It isn't to clear to me what you mean by her having a "history of cheating". To me that sets off all kinds of alarms.

As mimi low mentions, an instance does doesn't mean that it is a lost cause but a "history of cheating" would sure get me concerned.
Eh, I'm not the one to talk... But, that trust was broken. And it's hard to fix it. Which is my problem now. I guess it's how you feel about her that determines what you want to do. You do want to be together because you love each other, and at the same time, you don't because there's no trust. That's the situation I'm in anyway. I think people underestimate how powerful trust really is.
People with a history of cheating don't stop easily. You're smart enough to know that if she's done it before, then she could easily do it again. And she's already done it to you twice. A person should have loyalty, integrity, and the wisdom to avoid putting themselves in a situation where a single lapse in judgment could lead them "astray." The surest way to judge someone is by their actions. Trust and faith are important, but if you want the cold hard truth, look beyond their words and see what they've actually done. If you're prepared to be with her knowing what she's done and knowing that she's capable of doing it again, then maybe it's worth a shot.
well..fuck me with a screw driver every women that ever cheated on me say they love me.
Hell, even one of them had my baby and married me.
She say "We" had committment challegnes..What she really ment was ..She has committment problems.

Any who it's all in the pass...
My ex-gf cheated on me once...but I've been cheated on it was kind numbing or i was sort de-sentitized to all of that.
Yes she was drunk that night and she was kind of pissed off at me....
Disappointed I was...and things did go fine for a while afte that, as far as our love life was consern.
It was the fucken crazy drinking and addition routine that she was getting into that drove me fucken battie.

And personally...I 've been totally, totally shited face before. So whatever the fuck excuses women wanna make about being drunk and that's why it happend is really convient.

well..if you can't beat them...join them. I fuck who ever want. I'm single now..See how conveint and easy that is for me? Toungue
I'll show them !!!!.... who's the boss of
I would ditch her immediately, no offence but having sex with someone else is the worst form of cheating and is unacceptable, being drunk isnt an excuse in my eyes.

As you already say so yourself, the trust is broken, and it cannot be fixed no matter how much you want it because the fact that she cheated on you will always stay in the back of your head.

Quote:well..fuck me with a screw driver every women that ever cheated on me say they love me.
Hell, even one of them had my baby and married me.

Bwahahaha! Ive got a funny quote from someone i used to know who visited prostitutes quite frequently.

'I have never slept with the same whore more then once, except for my ex-wife'Big Grin

No offence to any married ladies out there ofcourse, just made me laugh hard when he first told me that.
(04-25-2010, 10:18 AM)Xerox Wrote: 'I have never slept with the same whore more then once, except for my ex-wife'Big Grin

i didn't mine when my ex-wf being a lone as she was my whore. I was alright wit that...Big Grin

I'm such as selfish dick...I even want all the whores to myself.lmao
I'm young, let's just say that. I really don't care that she SAYS loves me, because she PROVES it. And I don't take the drinking as a legit excuse either, cause i know there are limits you have... I think she just messed up hardcore. I think she's done cheating for good now, I think this because ever since I started dating her she's changed to be the perfect gf for me, then this all happened... But I'm just gonna ride it out. I wont be hurt if she does it again, trust me.

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