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Hello! Proud misanthrope here
Good day !   I am an extreme misanthrope  well minus the avoids society.   Not sure how people can be in this world and avoid society. 

You have no idea how much of a cancer I think the human race is.   We are disgusting creatures who need to be exterminated. 

This however doesn't give me free reign to be mean to people or treat them bad.   I do however absolutely hate having to deal with society. 

If someone sat me down at a table and said if you push that button in front of you it will make Earth explode.  I would press it without hesitation.   Seriously


yes I would press it!
Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere.
C. S. Lewis
Welcome to the forum.

I would not press the button. It's not my right to decide the fate of everyone.
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(04-13-2019, 01:43 AM)sunlight_hope Wrote: Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere.
C. S. Lewis

OH that is just awesome!!  Maybe there are plenty of intelligent people out there that know what doomed  with no hope creatures we are.
Some things can't be changed.
There is no hope. I agree. Praying to air doesn't help.
I'm really sick of this ultra pessimism "hate everyone" approach so many people here latch onto and dwell on.

Maybe it's your guys' mindsets that's the problem, not everyone else's.

Change is possible, but it'll never happen with such stubborn mindsets that take the easy way out of simply whining and blaming everybody else; instead of making action to DO something about it. Gee, is whining and complaining helping anything? Or does it just make you feel worse?
Get off your ass, stop complaining, and start making changes if you don't like something. Whiners are just infuriating.
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Hey welcome to the forum. 

This is really interesting never heard of this before..sheltered lonely life etc...but just wondering what brought you to this view of the world?What has your life been like if ok to ask and has it had a big influence on why you feel this way?Are you lonely like the rest of us here?

Also how would you have liked the world to have developed so much that you wouldn't feel the need to press the button?
No way would I push the button. There are more good people than bad - with lots of variety in between..

Human nature, in all it's complexity is a wondrous thing. Even something small like us right now - animals communicating with each other about our thoughts and feelings through the internet. So much to wonder at...

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