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Do you ever have those days where you just feel nothing?
I'm not happy, but I'm not sad.
I'm just here, there,


Do you have those days too?
I didn't talk to a single person today.

I feel...just okay?
Is this normal?

That IS my normal day. Don't worry, you'll be okay!
I am not sure if it is normal, but i feel like that at times.

You just feel like your in between emotions not really feeling either, when i watched the film "Numb" it reminded me how i have spent some of my life feeling just kinda numb.
ya I have those days too

mainly it's often attributed to much lethargy which by the way is a great word
getting out and biking or excersice usually helps me to feel better when I feel like that

I was depressed and lonely so long I just kind of went numb and felt nothing. If you feel nothing for more than a few weeks, maybe talk to someone about it.
sometimes i do. but my problem lately is kind of the opposite. most days i jsut feel so lost and alone but i dont care about anything at the same time. i dont know...
[Image: edgecrusher02.jpg]
"Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in an experiment." - Christopher Hitchens
I wish I was numb. I wish I could go for more than a few hours without feeling this soul crushing lonlyness and hopelessness. I envy you. I want to say, "Don't feel. Don't be like me.". However, I'm afraid I'll be thrust down the pit and impaled onto the spikes which surely are waiting at the bottom of said pit for one such as myself by the lonely members who exist here. So I won't say that. But why not? If it's true numbness you feel then you don't feel sad or bad in any way and that can be good depending on your view. Conversely you don't feel happy so that is most assuredly bad. But still..... not sad. Smile

if you need to talk I'll be trolling the boards for a while. rather, if you want to talk and I happen to be an acceptable person to talk to ....
Budsalinger is one
I feel just like that an aweful lot. Blank, empty.
"There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how..."

I am wearing a coat of knives.
Just try to hold me.
Just try to hold me.

Just try and hold me." -Anis Mojgani-The bedroom is a morgue

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