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I'll be away for a week!
Not that it would be of importance to any of You, but to just make sure i don't make anyone wonder why i'm not replying to a PM or something like that i want to let everyone know that i'm going away on a trip for a week.

Have a nice week, folks!

Robin, it IS important. You are a great person with a wonderful outlook on life. I hope you have a wonderful time away and keep coming back--we will really miss you!


Have an enjoyable week Robin ^^

Aaww; how very, very kind of You two! ^^

I've been on my first flight-trip since i was like 3 (which i don't remember) to Bulgaria so it was quite an experience! While the missy pretty much hates flying (although she was the one who wanted to go in the first place) i must say i really like flying, including the turbulence when going through a thick cloud! Haha Wink The starts are the best though; speeding up like crazy on the ground like that... man that was like a drag-race! LoL =) It's hot down there!
Have fun on your trip Robin! I'm afraid of airplanes, I think they'll crash and I'll die. This isn't good since I really want to travel since my home sure gets boring. I need a chancce a scenery.

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