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I don't care anymore
(07-21-2010, 03:11 PM)StonedHitman Wrote: I pretty much just gave up on my life. I just realized that life is pointless(mine atleast) and will accept whatever happens after high school and the many years to come. I just don't care anymore, my life is boring, lonely, pathetic, and I just don't care. I'd hate to let my family down, but I have no motivation to do anything anymore and I don't know what to do.

I would love to go back to HS. Your life maybe pointless, but I know many others in similar shoes who have gone on and be successful. Even surprised me when I see those people in Facebook and how well life is. They still get high, but they just make good money and in relationships with nice looking people.
BJD...thanks, now i feel stupid XD!!
^^^Haha no, no, not at all. You shouldn't feel dumb just because you didn't run across the phrase before! Smile Heh... you might as well call me stupid, because I'm not sure I've ever heard it in a song before! Toungue
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\(O_o)/ oh well !! Smile
Hey guys, i have the same ish problem StonedHitman. I just can't be asked now, i was in uni for 2 years then changed to engineering but i still find that its not what i wanna do in life. i havnt quite yet told my family that i'm leaving uni as i feel i will just be the big letdown of the family. everyone in my family has gone to uni and succeeded and i feel by me dropping out i will bring shame onto them. This is just the tip of the iceberg, add that to the debt im in from uni, debt collectors from bills and rent, and tuition fees which student finance loans messed up, stress from constantly arguing with my mother and sister, lack of money and general stress in my social life, for someone whos just turned 21 u can imagine it was alot to deal with. Not too long ago i also had a cancer scare so that really pushed me over the edge. I've broken down numerous times in front of my mum which u can imagine is very embarrassing. Not only this, i feel that i cant run or turn to anyone including my family and gf as i feel embarrassed and like a failure. Not only that, but my mother and older sister constantly speculate and ponder about my life instead of just sitting down and COMMUNICATING with me they'd rather gossip and speculate. Theres so much more thats bothering me but i also feel that i'd end up writing for years and years. The only thing that makes me happy in life is football. I was actually and footballer at 16 playing at millwall youth and other top teams. i was offered a place to play for Tottenham academy a few years back which would have lead me into the world of football but my parents were not to keen on football so i followed their desired path of going to uni which i regret heavily.
Just a few seconds ago, I posted a thread very similar to this. I, too, find life pointless. I just hope that we see a glimmer of hope that things WILL get better. I seriously need a major, positive change in life, and I think you do too.
Badjedidude hit the nail on the head. we all feel like you do from time to time, but the will to live, to will to better yourself must come from within. this is going to sound harsh, but it's true:

no one is going to really care what happens to you.

you have to make an effort to get out of that rut that you're in, and make a change. you have to do it for you, because of you, and for no one or nothing else.

i wish you the best of luck on your ventures.
The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share its joy.
In response to OP:

You give up, you give up. You can't get any better than you are now. What's the worse that can happen if you continue trying? Succeeding, or being in the same situation as you are now? You have opportunity if you try.
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